10 Best Places to Visit in Dubai

10 Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is a dream holiday city for people all over the world. Home to numerous attractions, many of which have won world records, Dubai is a delight to visit. While skyscrapers are the highlight of the city, Dubai is most popular for its unique and one-of-a-kind constructions. However, sightseeing is not the only thing that one can do here.

There are plenty of amusement parks and attractions that you would have never imagined to have seen in a desert city. Although it is extremely difficult to list all the attractions you must see in Dubai at one place, here we present to you 10 best places to visit in Dubai, the Emirate city of UAE.

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Burj Khalifa

burj khalifa dubai

The Burj Khalifa surely deserves to top this list as it is the tallest building not just in Dubai or UAE but in the entire world as well. Located in Downtown Dubai, the Burj Khalifa has 162 floors and towers above all the skyscrapers in Dubai. The best way to see the interiors of the building is to go on a Burj Khalifa tour that would take you to the observation deck either on the 124th or 125th floors.

The observation decks would give you an uninterrupted, 360o view of the entire city. While the observation deck is open from morning to late at night, the evening time, just before sunset is the best time to visit Burj Khalifa. Another highlight of visiting this building is riding on the fastest elevator on earth to reach the observation deck.

Ain Dubai

ain dubai

Another attraction that opened up recently in Dubai (October 2021) is Ain Dubai. Located in Bluewaters Island, Ain Dubai is the tallest and the largest observation wheel in the world. It stands at the height of 250 meters and has 48 capsules, which have the capacity of holding 40 people at a time.

It takes 38 minutes for the observation wheel to complete 1 cycle, during which you would get to see an amazing view of Dubai. Apart from the observation capsules, Ain Dubai also has private and social cubicles, which you can book for hosting parties and celebrating special occasions.

Madame Tussauds Dubai

madame tussauds dubai

Another new attraction that is located in Bluewaters Island is the most famous Madame Tussauds Dubai. Opened first in London in 1835, the Madame Tussauds in Dubai is the 25th center. Madame Tussauds Dubai has 7 themed rooms where you would get to see the wax models of more than 60 local and international celebrities.

From sports and films to politics, this wax museum has the real-life-like statues of almost all well-known personalities, including David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Shah Rukh Khan, Virat Kohli, Narendra Modi, Balqees Fathi, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and the Queen of England as well. Apart from viewing these amazing wax sculptures, you are also free to take pictures while standing next to them.

The View at The Palm

the palm dubai

The Palm Jumeirah has attracted the attention of people from the time it was announced. Shaped in the form of a palm tree, the Palm Jumeirah is the largest manmade island in the world. It is home to luxurious hotels, resorts, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. However, it is not possible to see the exact shape of the island if you are visiting the island, unless you are skydiving or riding on a helicopter. However, now you can enjoy the amazing view of the Palm Island with a visit at The View at The Palm, an observation deck on the Palm Tower at the Nakheel Mall.

This observation deck is located 240 meters above the ground and gives you an amazing view of the entire island. The observation deck also has a café and an interactive museum where you would get to learn about the development of the island.

Dubai Miracle Garden

dubai miracle garden

The largest natural flower garden in the world, the Dubai Miracle Garden is truly a miracle. Spread around an area of 72,000 square meters, the Dubai Miracle Garden has more than 150 million flowers. Apart from being home to so many colorful flowers, what truly fascinates the people visiting the garden is the way they have been arranged.

Some of the major attractions of this park are the Floral Clock, Floating lady, Lake Park, Disney Avenue, Sunflower Field, etc. The Dubai Miracle Garden is a seasonal attraction and is open for the public between November and April. During these winter months, you would get to see the desert land blooming with beautiful, colorful flowers.

Dubai Museum

dubai museum

Dubai is mostly known as glitzy and glamourous city. However, before it became what it is today, Dubai was a simple, fishing village. If you want to know how the city looked in the earlier days, a trip to Dubai Museum is a must. The Dubai Museum is located in Old Dubai and is inside the Al Fahidi Fort, which is the oldest building of Dubai.

Here, you would get to see the houses in which the Bedouins lived, the clothes they wore, the jobs they did, etc. You would also find an audio-visual presentation that shows you how the city of Dubai developed in the last few years. You would also get a glimpse of what you can expect here in the future.

Dubai Mall

dubai mall

It may seem strange to see a shopping mall as one of the best places to visit in Dubai. However, Dubai Mall is no ordinary shopping malls. Known to be the largest mall in the UAE, Dubai Mall is a heaven for shopping lovers as it has more than 1200 retail stores selling everything from clothes to electronics and furniture.

Apart from this, Dubai Mall houses an aquarium and underwater zoo, an ice skating rink, few indoor theme parks (KidZania Dubai) and gaming zones (VR Park Dubai). The mall also has a multiplex and a huge food court, where you can taste a variety of cuisines. In the evening, step out of the Dubai Mall to witness a mind blowing Dubai Fountain show.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The desert of Dubai is vast, beautiful, and mysterious, and if you want to know more about the home of the Emiratis before they moved to the city, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is a place you must visit. Opened in 2004, the conservation reserve aims at preserving the natural habitat of the reserve.

Spread around an area of 225 square kilometers, it gives you the chance to enjoy and explore the landscape while checking out the wildlife of the area. You would get to see gazelles, Arabian onyx, etc. here. Apart from this, you can also indulge in desert adventures like treks, horse riding, camel riding, sandboarding, camping, falconry, etc. here.

Motiongate Dubai

motiongate dubai

Although there is no dearth of thrilling and fun theme parks in Dubai, Motiongate Dubai is one that stands out. A part of the Dubai Parks & Resorts, Motiongate Dubai is a Hollywood-inspired theme park that gives you the chance to enjoy more than 40 thrilling rides and attractions.

This theme park is divided into 4 zones based on the most popular picture studios: Colombia Pictures, Dreamworks Animation, Liongate, and Smurfs. Once you are inside Motiongate Dubai, you would get to enjoy some amazing rides, meet your favorite movie characters, and shop for some cool movie merchandise as well. You would also find several dining options here.

Global Village Dubai

global village dubai

Global Village Dubai is a seasonal attraction that runs from October to April every year. It is a market-cum-theme park where you can indulge in shopping and at the same time have fun. Here, you would find pavilions of several countries from all over the world. Apart from learning about their country and culture, you would also get to buy things that are specialties of that particular country.

Moreover, you would also get to try food of different countries here. Global Village also has a Carnaval where kids and adults would get to enjoy some classic fun fair rides and games. You would also get to enjoy special performances and fireworks here.

These 10 places are just a gist of what you can expect to see in Dubai. The city is throbbing with some of the most beautiful and unique places that would be loved by both young and old. So, book your tickets and head over to Dubai for your next family holiday.


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