10 Famous Beaches in Lampung Indonesia

10 Famous Beaches in Lampung Indonesia

The beach in Lampung is a coastline located at the tip of the island of Sumatra, Lampung has a sea location that is directly related to the breadth of the ocean. Therefore, Bandar Lampung has a fairly large and wide beach tourism object. In fact, almost all areas in the city of Lampung have beaches that present their own uniqueness.

The following are beaches in Lampung which are famous for being very attractive and visited by many tourists, namely:

Beaches in Island-Legundi

10 Famous Beaches in Lampung Indonesia

Along the way to Legundi Island, you will pass a sea of ​​​​oceans with very clear water colors. You can also see the beauty of the underwater world, such as coral reefs and fish. It is not surprising that so many tourists do snorkeling here. This island is also very clean and beautiful, so it is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy a beautiful and natural atmosphere to calm the mind.

The Island of Kelagian

Kelagian Island is known for its very white and clean sand beaches like the color of lime. The color of the island’s sand contrasts with the clear and turquoise color of the sea water, which creates a sense of scenery that is very pleasing to the eye. Besides you can enjoy the natural scenery, on this island you can also channel your hobbies swimming and snorkeling.

To get to Kelagian Island, you need to go to Ketapang Harbor. You will travel a distance of about 2 hours from Bandar Lampung City to get to the port. From Ketapang Pier, you can rent a boat to Kelagian Island. This boat trip will take 20 minutes.

Pahawang Island

Pahawang Island has two areas, namely the Big Pahawang Island and the Small Pahawang Island. Both islands are surrounded by a stretch of white sand that is very clean. Likewise, the sea water is super clear, the clarity of the water allows you to see the various marine biota that live in it. If you want to be more satisfied with seeing the beauty of the underwater panorama, you can do your snorkeling activities on this island.

Balak Island

Balak Island is still very close and even in the same area as the island above, namely Pahawang Island, you can visit Balak Island also by rented boat from Ketapang Pier. The characteristics of the coast of Balak Island are no different from Pahawang Island. However, when compared to neighboring Pahawang Island, Balak Island is not widely known, so the number of visitors is less.

Kiluan Bay

Kiluan Bay is a bay with its main tourist attraction in the form of dolphins appearing in the high seas. In this bay, there are two types of dolphins that often pass by and can be seen by visitors, namely bottle-mouth dolphins and long-beaked dolphins.

Generally, the visitors or tourists who vacation to Kiluan Bay the main purpose is to see the sight of dolphins swimming. However, to be able to witness this, you have to rent a boat from local fishermen.

After you are satisfied watching dolphins from a close distance in the middle of the sea, you can also do snorkeling in this bay or just take a relaxing rest on the beach.

Walur Beach

If you are on vacation to Lampung with your family, then Walur Beach is a tourist attraction that you really need to try. This beach has a very wide stretch of white sand, and is also known to be very suitable for family vacations. The coastline in this area is sloping with waves that are not too big, so it is very safe for families, when playing in sea water or swimming.

But not only that, the expanse of green grass scenery in one part of the beach area also adds to the value of the beauty of the natural scenery. Walur Beach is one of three beaches in the Krui district, which is still close to other beaches, namely Labuhan Jukung Beach and Way Redak Beach. If you visit walur beach, it’s a shame if you don’t also visit the two beaches.

Walur Beach is located in Walur Village, Central Coast area which is located approximately 5 km from the crowds of Kota-Krui center, West Lampung area.

Tanjung Setia Beach

Many people think that surfing or surfing can only be done in Bali. In fact, in Lampung you can also do similar activities, especially in the Tanjung Setia Beach area. The waves along this beach are quite large, so it is perfect for those of you who like to surf. In addition to local tourists, Tanjung Setia Beach has also begun to be known and visited by surfers from various countries.

If you want to visit this beach, you can visit Tanjung Setia Village, which is located on the South Coast of West Lampung Regency. This beach is about 52 km from the border of Liwa Regency. Access to this beach will be quite challenging for you, because the condition of the access road to this area is winding. However, you don’t need to worry, because along your way to this beach, you will be treated to a very amazing natural view of the Bukit Barisan Mountains.

Kalianda Ketang Beach

Ketang Kalianda Beach is one of the beaches that you can visit in the South Lampung area. However, apart from this beach, there are also other beaches that are no less interesting, namely Kalianda Marina Beach, which is located not far from the South Lampung Regent’s office. Serving The natural scenery of these two beaches is so amazing. The expanse of sea water is very clear and combined with bright blue, making the surrounding scenery so contrasting and harmonious with the brown white sand, as well as with solid rocks standing in a number of spots.

In addition to enjoying rest and relaxing time on the beach, you can also add to the excitement of your vacation by exploring the coast of Ketang Kalianda Beach using the provided Delman.

Kalianda Marina Beach

Marina Kalianda Beach is a beach which is located next to Ketang Kalianda beach and is also directly connected to the Indian Ocean. Kalianda Marina Beach has waves with a fairly large current. In some areas of the beach, there are so many rocks that break the waves to make an interesting crashing sound.

However, due to reasons for the safety of the visitors, the local government has closed this place down. However, there are still many tourists who come to witness the beauty of the panoramic view of this big wave beach in South Lampung.

Mutun Beach

Mutun Beach is the beach of a bay in Lampung. This is why the waves around Mutun Beach are not as big as other beaches. The condition of the waves that are not too big is very suitable for those of you who really like snorkeling activities. Not surprisingly, Mutun Beach is the choice of many tourists for natural tours of Lampung, especially when it comes to holidays on weekends and other holidays.



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