11 Beautiful and Exotic Beaches in Sumenep, East Java Indonesia

11 Beautiful and Exotic Beaches in Sumenep, East Java Indonesia

Sumenep is a district in Madura, East Java. This area is known for its many beautiful and exotic beaches. The beaches in this area present waves that are not big, with a wide expanse of sand and are no less beautiful than famous tourist areas such as Bali and Hawaii.

The following will discuss about Sumenep beach which is famous for being beautiful and very much visited by local and even international tourists, namely:

Sulung Batu Beach

11 Beautiful and Exotic Beaches in Sumenep, East Java Indonesia

The beach is located in the village of Blajut, Karduluk, Pragaan area, Sumenep. This beach is quite unique, because unlike the general beach area which always has a stretch of sand, on this beach you as a tourist only see a lot of rocks. tourists who visit this beach are required to use footwear.

Nevertheless, the beauty of the Batu Sulung beach view is still alluring and very enchanting for you to enjoy. Moreover, this one beach includes not many visitors if you compare it with the number of visitors on other beaches, especially those in the Sumenep area.

Ponjuk Beach

This beach is located at the eastern end of the island of Madura, or precisely in the Tanjung Padike area of ​​Sumur Asin, Talango Sumenep. Ponjuk beach is perfect for you to visit if you like tranquility. Ponjuk Beach presents the natural sound of very strong waves crashing against rocks in the form of large cliffs.

In the area around the Ponjuk beach, you will find lots of siwalan trees, if you shift a little to the Gili Labak area, then you will find a beautiful view of nature under the sea which is beautiful and very impressive.

Ropet Beach

This beach presents the beauty and exoticism of the beach area on Gili Iyang, Banraas Dungkek, Sumenep area. Ropet Beach also does not have a view of sand like beaches in general. Because, the coastal area is filled with various types of coral reefs.

Ropet Beach is located between two high and steep cliffs. The sea water on this beach is very clear, so it will be very suitable for those of you who like snorkeling or diving. In addition, there are rows of coconut trees that grow on the edge of the beach, adding to the cool atmosphere of this beach.

Slopeng Beach

This beach is located on Jl. Ambuten no. 34, Trebun-Ghetteng, Sema’an-Dasuk, Sumenep Regency, East Java province. Slopeng beach has a view of white sand covering an area of ​​​​approximately 6 kilometers.

On the coast, you will be treated to a beautiful view of the cypress-shrimp trees that grow in neat rows. The best time to visit this beach is in the afternoon before sunset at night, which is when the sun sets.

Badur Beach

This beach has a very calm and natural atmosphere, you will immediately feel it as soon as you arrive at the Badur beach area in Sergang village, Batu-Putih area, Sumenep. With its exotic natural scenery, many people come to Badur beach even just for taking photos.

Sembilan Beach

This beach is located on Jl. Raya-Bringsang, Bringsang area, Giligenteng sub-district, Sumenep district, East Java. Sembilan Beach is one of the most favorite tourist destinations for residents of Sumenep Regency and also the surrounding areas.

This beach is guaranteed safe and kept clean. All public facilities in this place are very neatly arranged. In addition to serving the fun of swimming, sitting around while enjoying the beauty of the beach, you can also try the fun of riding an ATV to walk along the coast.

Lombang Beach

Lombang Beach is a famous beach in Sumenep which is located in the Lombang Batang Garden Area, Sumenep district, East Java province. This area is located 30 kilometers from the center of the Sumenep district, with the support of very good road access and is easy for various types of vehicles to pass.

Lombang Beach presents a view of sand with a very distinctive color, namely brown. The beautiful view of this beach is always able to make visitors stunned. As far as the eye can see, you will see views of pine trees, which grow in rows and very neatly on the edge of the beach, which adds to the beauty and exotic value of this Sumenep beach.

Giliyang Island

If you are bored and bored with your life and work in big cities, especially with the pollution that interferes with the respiratory tract, then Sumenep beach is a must for you to visit.

The name of this Sumenep beach is called Giliyang Island, which is often also called Gili Iyang Island. The charm and attraction of Sumenep Island lies in its attractive stretch of beach and also a very charming island. In addition, Sumenep Island has the status as one of the islands with the second best oxygen content in the world, after the coast in Jordan.

Gili Labak Island

The next Sumenep beach which is a famous Sumenep tourist spot is Gili Labak Island. Gili Labak Island has a natural charm in the form of a very wide stretch of white sand. In fact, when traveling by boat to Gili Labak Island, you will be spoiled with the natural charm of the white sand which is very beautiful and charming.

The color and freshness of the water is quite tempting, spread out with blue gradations combined with turquoise green, making the charm and beauty of this beach not easily forgotten by the visitors. Gili Labak Island is one of the Sumenep beaches which is the most comfortable spot to do your snorkeling hobby, this is supported by the wave currents which are quite calm.

Sapeken Island

The next Sumenep beach which is quite famous as a tourist destination is Sapeken Island. Sapeken Island is known for its very beautiful natural scenery and charm in its underwater part. In addition, on this island you will be treated to beautiful views of the mangrove forest which is very sustainable.

On this island, you will be able to do your snorkeling hobby safely and comfortably.

Sapeken Island is located on Sapeken Island, which is right in the Kangena Islands area, which is part of Sumenep Regency, East Java Province. To enter this island, you are only charged the ticket price for transportation services, namely by renting a boat. In addition, Sapekan Island is open for visitors 24 hours.

Ambuten Beach

Sumenep beach called Ambuten beach is a beach that not only presents beautiful scenery, but also presents educational value, introduction to local traditions, and also the life culture of the fishing community. The most famous thing about Ambuten is the impromptu market held by local residents from morning until noon.

This market sells various types of fish caught by fishermen at lower prices by midday.

In addition, the beautiful natural panorama, complete with the presence of various local culinary offerings, makes this place very suitable as an educational culinary tourism destination for you and your family.


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