12 Famous Attractions in the Philippines

12 Famous Attractions in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country located on the continent of Asia. In addition, the Philippines also has the nickname Pearl of the sea from Orien, so it’s no wonder the Philippines is famous for its beautiful natural attractions. There are so many marine tourism destinations that you can find when visiting this country.

The exotic tourist treats of the Philippines can attract foreign tourists to visit this country. You can also make it a tourist spot with your beloved family. If you are interested in seeing the Philippines, here are some famous tourist attractions.

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Manila Ocean Park

A tourist destination that emphasizes the natural beauty you must visit while in the Philippines is Manila Ocean Park. In this place, you will enjoy underwater scenery that presents marine life in an aquarium of 8000 square meters. There are about 400 types of marine life and various kinds of fish, making this place very cool.

Fort Santiago

In addition to its beautiful nature, the Philippines also provides tourist destinations that are trendy historical places, one of which is Fort Santiago. This historical place is also often visited by foreign tourists.

Historically, this fort was often used as a place to execute Filipino heroes. Therefore, when you visit here, you will feel a tense atmosphere and a horror sensation.


If you want to watch the sunset on the beach with a lively atmosphere in the afternoon, Boracay can be the right choice. This island presents the beauty of white sand and stunning natural scenery.

In addition, Boracay beach provides various facilities that support your vacation, such as a diving equipment shop, lodging, and several restaurants that serve local specialities.

Tubbataha Reef

This place is an underwater tourist destination, where you will see various marine life and the beauty of colourful coral reefs directly. In addition, marine animals such as turtles, eye rays, sharks can be found easily.

This tourist location is quite remote, so you have to take a boat to get to this tourist spot. But the journey you take to get to this place will be paid off with the beauty it has to offer.

Puerto Princesa Underground River

This tourist destination is exciting for you to visit. In this place, you will be invited to walk down the underground river of Puerto Princesa, which has a very enchanting panorama for those who witnessed it firsthand.

Not only beautiful nature, but in this National park, there are also about 800 types of plants and as many as 300 types of animals in the form of birds, mammals, reptiles, and others.

Banaue Rice Terrace

Popular tourist destinations located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level make the atmosphere and area of ​​this place very calm and beautiful. This place is 2000 years old, built by the indigenous batad tribe. Very suitable for those of you who like adventure and looking for nature tourism.

Chocolate Hills

Cocholate Hill is also a popular tourist destination in the Philippines. Here, you will find many brown hills that are rare and unique because the mountain will only be brown during the dry season. The area of ​​these hills is quite varied from 30 to 50 meters.

Rizal Park

Rizal Park is a park in which there is a National Hero Monument. Of course, this park is a form of respect for the Filipino heroes who have died on the battlefield. Foreign tourists often visit this place, and even Filipinos often visit this park.

Burnham Park

If you intend to take your family with you when visiting tourist attractions, Burnham Park is a suitable recommendation for you and your family. Here you and your family can explore a vast garden. Besides that, you can also do various activities such as cycling, playing ball, and exploring the park by boat.

Mines View Park

The next park concept tourist destination is Mines View Park. This park is located on a hill to provide a fantastic natural view. However, you have to climb very winding stairs to reach this place, which often makes some people tired. But all that tiredness will pay off when it comes to this park.

Pagsanjan Waterfall


For those who like waterfall tourist destinations, you must visit Pagsanjan waterfall. Pagsanjan waterfall is very popular in the Philippines. Its beautiful natural scenery makes this destination crowded with visitors, from local to foreign tourists. You can also walk along the waterfall river by using a canoe in this area.

Mount Mayon

Mount Mayon is a tourist destination that foreign tourists often visit. This mountain is an active volcano with up to 2000 meters. In addition, from this height, you can enjoy a magnificent natural panorama.

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