5 Indonesian Legendary Culinary Still Exist in the Present Era


Do you often find Indonesian culinary or culinary archipelago that still survive strongly in this era of modernization? If so, then it could be that the culinary archipelago is a legendary culinary that exists today because of its taste, history, and there may be interesting stories behind the culinary. Then, what is the Indonesian legendary culinary that still survives and even exists in this contemporary era? Here is a list of the legendary archipelago culinary and you must know.

1. Gudeg Yogyakarta

The first legendary Indonesian food you must know is warm. Yup! Gudeg is a food or traditional culinary from Yogyakarta. This food is very well known in the people of Yogyakarta, even people outside Yogyakarta. If you visit Yogyakarta, it’s not wrong if you try this food. This food is known for its sweet taste, with a combination of several side dishes such as eggs, tempeh, jackfruit, and also sambal. Even so, these foods are sweet foods and the taste is sweet enough to make you who like sweet foods should try it. This warm Gudeg already exists and is included in the history of Yogyakarta as a special food of Yogyakarta.

2. Rendang, Minangkabau

rendang indonesia traditional food
Rendang Indonesia

Who doesn’t know rendang? One of Indonesia’s legendary food or culinary which has been named the most delicious food in the world. This food has indeed become excellent for the people of Indonesia and also the world community. What makes this food an attractive food for Indonesian and foreign people is its spices are very rich and low-grade meat is very delicious and also soft.

3. Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

nasi goreng indonesia legendary culinary
Nasi Goreng

Fried rice is one of Indonesia’s legendary culinary which still survive until now. The delicious taste with a blend of spices makes this food a choice for everyone to eat. In fact, fried rice is one of the menus that are well-known in foreign countries and is the food most preferred and awaited by foreigners when visiting Indonesia. You can easily cook this food and also this food is food that you can make as your breakfast.

4. Opor Ayam

opor ayam indonesian legendary culinary
Opor Ayam – image via: health.grid.id

The next legendary Indonesian culinary that you must try is chicken opor. Opor chicken is one of the traditional foods that survives until now. Usually, you can find this food easily when Eid or Eid. This food is a coconut milk food that has a very good taste with dark yellow sauce and a very soft blend of chicken.

5. Bakso (Indonesia Meatballs)

bakso indoensian meatball
Bakso Indonesia Meatball

Meatballs is one of the famous culinary Indonesia and you must try. You can easily find this food or culinary in various regions in Indonesia. In fact, meatballs are familiar in every Indonesian society with processed chicken and beef. Even this food is one of the foods that you can find easily anywhere.


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