All about Coffee Luwak


Have you ever thought about Indonesia coffee? If so, chances are the first thing that appear in your mind is Luwak Coffee or also popular as civet coffee. There is one fact that so surprising in which this coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. Therefore, to understand better about it, here in this article we are going to talk about it:

What Is Luwak Coffee? 

Luwak Coffee is a manufacturing method not a kind of coffee. This kind of coffee is produced by civet, or for Indonesian people usually known as musang or luwak. The process of this coffee luwak starts when the Luwak eats berries from coffee plants. Then the berries that left undigested are popped out from the luwak. They are the infamous luwak beans. After the coffee beans are popped out, they will be collected, and then cleaned, roasted, and ready to be made of an exclusively tasteful coffee. 

What makes Unique? 

The exclusiveness of the Coffee is found on its unique production process where it comes from civet digestive system. Because of this process the bitterness of the coffee is reduced by the germination that is in the luwak stomach. Besides that, the beans that on the civets’ stomach are transformed and filled with antioxidants that makes the coffee flavor has a hint of malt in it. Furthermore, this coffee has a rich flavor, fragrance, less acidic and has a smoother texture than other coffee. This kind of coffee also has strong aroma and subtle chocolate flavor. 

The Benefit

Based on the research there are some health benefits that you get from consuming this Coffee such as:

  • The researcher claims that by consuming luwak coffee it could give protection to your teeth because it has antibacterial agents. 
  • Decrease the possibility of getting Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It also decrease the chance of getting Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disease, gallstone disease, diabetes, skin cancer, heart issues, and breast cancer. 
  • It also has anti-cancer components in them. 
  • Relieve you from all kinds of pains and aches such as sore muscles, and headache because it contains strong analgesic drugs. 

You guys should try this Coffee at least once in your life. It is a great flavor coffee that has real benefits for your body. Its uniqueness give you guys the coffee addicts a warm, earthy and exotic coffee fragrance with rich and chocolatey flavor. 


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