Amazing Lhokseumawe beach ! Must be Visited!


Lhokseumawe is one of the cities in Aceh Province. The city has several natural attractions such as Lhokseumawe beach. The charm of the beach is increasingly popular and keeps visitors coming. Go visit the beach, to enjoy the beauty of the beach and the cool air there. Here is several Indonesia tourism destination you should try!

1. The sun rises on the Ujong Blang beach

For those who have never visited Lhokseumawe beach, surely you are still wondering whether this city does have such beautiful beaches? The answer is, yes, Lhokseumawe is indeed blessed with a series of beaches that are so captivating. If you want to try a vacation to Lhokseumawe, then the beach you have to go to is located at Ujong Blang. This beach is famous for its beauty in the morning, which displays the view of the newly rising sun, so beautifully. If you want to enjoy this view, you have to be willing to wake up at dawn and leave right now.

Although you have to fight sleepiness, but later the beauty that you find will be worth it anyway. After seeing the natural scenery, you can continue with breakfast by the beach. And if you still have more time to spend, then you are recommended to try various water games here, for example like a banana boat, or a walk around the sea area with fishermen and boats. Very exciting! To get to this beach you can take the route from Banda Aceh, you can use various transportation. Such as bentor (kind of traditional transportation which is a mix of motorcycle and becak) and other public transportation. The journey will take 5 to 6 hours.

2. The beach on the island of Seumadu

The next pretty Lhokseumawe beach destination is not hard to find either. If you start the journey from downtown Lhokseumawe, you only need to cover a distance of approximately 12 kilometers to get there. This beach is located on an island called seumadu. Like other beautiful beaches in Lhokseumawe, the beaches on this island will provide a sensation like a private beach. Like an island itself, which is surrounded by a stretch of clean sand, this beach is famous for its brightly colored sand, and its calm atmosphere. Many people go here to escape the endless hustle and bustle of city work. Here you can do many activities with your family, or just want to spend time alone. Facilities or transportation on this beach are complete, so don’t worry if you intend to spend the night here. 

Well, those are some of the beautiful Lhokseumawe beach. So, when will you come here and try out the new adventures?


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