Arabica Gayo Coffee, Complex Taste from Aceh Jungle


European Union Awarded Arabica Gayo Coffe as an authentic coffee from Gayo. The coffee is now recognized by the world that it’s only made in Gayo Aceh, just like how champagne is only legally produced in Champagne, French. Gayo can access by land route or air route. There is a newly operating Rembele Airport that delivers you to Gayo. While the land route is usually rougher takes a longer time. There are also a lot of interesting natural tourist objects.

Classic Noble European Taste

The modern coffee farm plant in the early 1900. The Dutch colonial plated the coffee to fulfill the European demands of high-quality coffee. Later, in around 1925, local people started to plant coffee on their own, alongside the Dutch coffee plantation. Since then, the Arabica coffee which once only served for European nobles is now available for people in commoners.

Land in Gayo is ideal for the coffee plant. The altitude is about 1000 to 1700 meters above sea level. The high altitude and high humidity with a low light intensity make the coffee in Gayo mature slowly. Local farmer uses organic fertilizer in the unirrigated land. Despite the plantation is now owned by private companies, coffee is still an important economic driver in the region. Local people from the farmer and the workers who process the coffee bean are benefitted from the coffee bean export.

Special Complex Taste

The perfect climate, soil, and air condition make the Arabica Gayo Coffe has the best Indonesia coffe. From the various cupping test, coffee enthusiasts agree that Arabica Gayo offers a special and unique taste that only found in Arabica Gayo. The bitterness is not overpowering the rich notes in the coffee. In the tongue, it leaves fruity sensation, brown sugar, red cherry, black tea, and complex aroma. The complexity of this coffee is what makes it stand out from other coffee.

Premium Grade A Coffee

To keep the quality standard, the plantation method and processing method are strictly monitor and regulate. The farming method organic standard. Using no pesticide and synthetic fertilizer, the land is still fertile by a fungus that grows in the soil. After the coffee harvest, it’s process in a wet hulling method. From overall yielding, the premium coffee percentage reaches 50 – 70 percent. Highest among the world’s coffee production.

Arabica Gayo is one of the best Arabicas. As the plantation condition meets the international standard. It competes with the market with Arabica coffee from Ethiopia, Brazil, and Vietnam. The new emerging market of specialty coffee is taking Gayo Coffee as the world favorite. As the demands are rising, the prices are also climbing. In Indonesia, the prices of grade A green coffee started around 10 US Dollars per kilogram. The prices of Arabica Gayo Coffee skyrocket once it’s pack and sell abroad.


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