Bali Kintamani Coffee


Do you ever wonder about Indonesia coffee? If so, chances are the immediate thing that cross your mind is kopi luwak or also well known as civet coffee. However, Indonesia has many great varieties of coffee such as Bali Kintamani coffee, Lampung coffee, Aceh coffee, and many other varieties that spread out all around Indonesia. Here, we are exclusively going to discuss about Bali Kintamani coffee which originally comes from Kintamani, Bali. 

The Origins of Kintamani Coffee 

As its name, Bali Kintamani coffee originally grows from a region that is situated in the northern highlands of Bali. The place is called Kintamani. You could reach kintamani by bus or rent a car. The track to get there is fairly easy, so it just need 1 hour to get there from Ubud. Kintamani is the perfect place to grow coffee because it has all of the elements that are required for manufacturing coffee such as extremely encouraging climate and a wealthy volcanic soil. This kind of coffee cultivate in the lands that are located between mount Batukaru and Agung. Both of them are the main volcanoes in Bali. 

The Kintamani coffee brew is 100% Arabica which an incredibly coffee that has a smooth body. Its signature flavor is incredibly delicious because the family farmers here in Kintamani take the coffee one by one from its trees. 

The Three Sources of Prosperity 

The farmers in Kintamani cultivate Bali Kintamani coffee with the Subak Abian technique.  Subak Abian is a technique of farming which is based on the Tri Hita Karana. It is a philosophy from Hinduism culture. Tri Hita Karana in English means the three sources of prosperity. This philosophy emphasizes the correlation of healthy and harmonic association of man and God, man and the other man, and the last is among man and the environment. 

Therefore, the farmers in Kintamani belief this philosophy fully and applied it to their cultivation system. Thus, they avoid using pesticides, insecticides and other chemical products that are harmful for the environment. They prefer to grow coffee in organic and more eco-friendly ways. 

The Taste of Kintamani Coffee 

This Bali Kintamani coffee has unique aroma. It has a citrusy aroma, and the taste is so delightful. The taste of the coffee is appealing and luxurious. Hence it has a hint of fruity and chocolatey flavor. This happens because the farmers often grow their coffees together with citrus fruit thus there is the citrusy flavor in this coffee. The kintamani coffee naturally has a low caffeine level, so you don’t have to worry that you will get a sleeping issue after downing this coffee. 


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