Best Indonesia Food to Accompany Your Coffee Time


Some Indonesia food suit well to be paired with coffee. The Harmony of the coffee with the food will take a whole new experience of drinking coffee. The food and coffee combination could give combination that completes each other. But the food has to not overpower the taste and end up killing the coffee taste. Savory food is suitable to be paired with heavy coffee. While the sweet food is suitable for more soft coffee. Here are some Indonesian foods that pair well with Indonesia coffe.

The Balanced Sweetness of Fried bananas

This sweet fried food is matched to compensate for the bitterness of the coffee. Fried Bananas are known to be snack while drinking coffee. It’s particularly popular to be coffee drinking mate in some regions like Medan, Jogjakarta, and Malang. You could get coffee with friend Banana on a Café like Kopi Klothok. The Café also offers beautiful view of Merapi. It’s located in kaliurang and takes about one hour trip from the center of Jogja.

Indonesian fried Banana usually cut the banana longitudinally. Then, the banana is dipped into a special batter. The batter I usually consist of wheat flour and vanilla extract. Some also twist it to be fried with bread crumb to make it crunchier. Then it’s deep-fried until golden brown. For the maximal experience, make sure the oil is drained or absorbed by kitchen tissue. The oil could cover down the coffee taste.

The Great Savory of Lumpia Semarang

It’s a savory Indonesia food that derives from Chinese spring roll. In Indonesia, it’s known to originate from Semarang. Netherland, Lumpia is also popular as Indonesian food. They called it with Indonesian old spelling, Loempia. Unlike its original recipes that utilize pork, Lumpia Semarang is filled with bamboo shoots, shrimp, prawns, or chicken.

The savory of the Lumpia is strong enough to soften the bitterness of black coffee. It’s suitable to be paired with Sumatran coffee which has bold bitterness. It’s common to be served in Netherlands’ Eetcafe or snack bar. Some of Indonesian Café also serving Lumpia as snacks.

The Soft and Sweet Kue putu

It’s a traditional cake originating from Indonesia. They usually sold by a seller that travel using a bikes with a steamer behind. Kue putu made from rice flour with natural coloring from the suji plant. Pandan leaf is added to give aroma. The ingredient is molded in a bamboo tube. Brown sugar is stuffed in the middle of the cake. Then, it’s cooked by a special steamer. It’s usually served with grated coconut as garnish.

The sweetness punch when the brown sugar melts in the tongue is a cure from the bitterness. The soft texture will also get rid of the coffee’s harshness. While the rice flour might absorb the uneasy aftertaste of a strong coffee. This Indonesia food is a great pair for a cup of coffee.


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