Book Review Sebuah Seni untuk Bersikap Bodo Amat

Book Review Sebuah Seni untuk Bersikap Bodo Amat

This time we will try to discuss a book entitled “Sebuah Seni untuk Bersikap Bodo Amat“. This book is quite interesting in its contents, and can provide a new perspective in seeing things.

This book is a translation of the original book entitled “The Subtle Art of Not Giving F*ck”. This book was so popular internationally, the New York Times and the Globe and Mail had awarded it as a bestseller.

The style of language introduced by the author Mark Manson in this self-development or self-motivation genre book is quite eccentric and blunt.

How not, the author is able to provide “advice” on our perspective in seeing weakness, the meaning of happiness, how to rise from failure, and so on with diction that is annoying and painful but what is.

Plus this translated version is very able to convey the same message as the original language version.

Some of the things that make me interested in this book are the moral messages that are light but really catchy. For example, we as humans must be able to admit shortcomings. There are times when we experience failure in trying something.

It could be because of our lack of effort or skill in living it. However, by acknowledging our shortcomings and making peace with ourselves is the way we can be one step ahead and achieve that success.

Then, be positive. Maybe we are all familiar with the phrase “positive thinking”. But, do we know what positive thinking is? Or can we think positively?

Well, in this article, Manson also invites readers to recognize and start thinking positively, because channeling negative emotions by behaving negatively will not solve the problem. After all, with sincere efforts and prayers, everything’s gonna be ok. Hehehe.

In accordance with the title of the book, we also have to start applying the attitude of “very stupid”. Eits, so stupid here, don’t mean to be ignorant. But convenience becomes something different. This is because basically all humans are created with unique characters and talents that can be honed and passion for something.

Overall, this book is highly recommended to read, especially for lovers of the self-motivation genre. For those of you who are confused about where to get this book, you can read it by subscribing to In addition to this one book, you will also get access to thousands of book titles with a single subscription. Stay productive, stay there, happy reading!

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