Breksi Cliff

Breksi Cliff

Breksi Cliff is a tourist attraction located in the Sambirejo Village area, Prambanan District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region Province. Spot This tourist attraction is in the form of a hilly area with beautiful breccia rocks with a unique pattern.

This famous place and tourist attraction in Yogyakarta is actually a former mine that was once run by the surrounding residents. Therefore, visitors will be able to find and see up close the place that was once the former processing of the breccia stone.

In 2014, the operation of this mine was stopped by the residents due to appeals and prohibitions from the government.

The breksi cliffs, which are a tourist attraction in this area, are the result of the volcanic activity of an ancient volcano called Nglanggeran. This volcanic area is also one of the areas currently protected by the government.

The former mining area on the Breccia cliff was then decorated attractively and then converted by local residents into a tourist attraction. In 2015, Sri-Sultan Hamengku-Buwono X inaugurated the Breksi Cliff area as a tourist attraction in the Yogyakarta area.

Interesting Patterns and Paintings of Breksi Cliffs

Breksi Cliff is actually a naturally formed cliff a long time ago. However, it only became a tourist attraction after the closure of mining activities in the area, the traces and former mines then left a number of traces of very interesting patterns and are then crowded with tourists to this day.

With the natural patterns and paintings of former mining activities, it gives birth to its own unique and interesting style which then makes the cliff area more attractive.

Not only that, there are also decorations that are deliberately made by local residents to further add to the beautiful impression and attractiveness of this Breksi cliff tourism object.

When visiting, tourists will find various carvings in the form of puppets, as well as giant dragons made on the walls of the Breksi Cliff. The engraving of the image then became a favorite photo spot for visitors.

In addition, tourists will also be able to see the panorama of the city of Yogyakarta seen from the height of the top of the breksi cliff. The top of this cliff is also one of the interesting photo spots, especially in the afternoon to watch the sunset process.

However, the thing that most attracts visitors from Breksi Cliff lies in the wall carvings. There are very many types of patterns and carvings on this cliff wall, ranging from patterns that are naturally formed, to those made by local residents. This is the main attraction of this place which attracts tourists from around Yogyakarta and also from outside the area.

Tourism and Sports in Breksi Cliff

You can also do other interesting vacation activities in this area, for example traveling around by jeep tours, mountain biking activities, and also rock climbing. So, not only will you get a panoramic view of nature on this cliff, you can also do other physical sports.

Travel Costs To Breksi Cliffs

To get to this cliff tourist attraction, you need to travel in directions from the busy center of Yogyakarta City for 30 to 40 minutes using a private vehicle. The entrance ticket is IDR 10,000 per person. You will also be charged a vehicle parking fee of IDR 2,000, and IDR 5,000 for a car.

Breksi Cliff Opening and Closing Time

Tourist visits in this place are open every day, starting from 06.00 to 22.00 for Tuesday to Sunday. As for Mondays, this place is open at 06.00 and only until 18.00 WIB. Currently, tourists who are allowed to visit and enter tourist areas are people who have received vaccination shots, and are registered with the PeduliLindung application.

Here, tourists are also required to comply with health protocols, as well as regulations imposed on the tourist area.

In general, ex-mining areas have always been neglected and often have a spooky feel, but you won’t find all of that at the Breksi Cliff tourist attraction. This former resident mining area is so very beautiful, unique, and full of artistic touches.

Until now, there have been very many tourist expeditions from various regions who took the time to stop by this Yogyakarta tourist attraction. Even though there were few visitors due to restrictions on population activities due to the pandemic, currently big cities known for their various tourist attractions are starting to revive amid various restrictions due to the pandemic.

In October 2021, although there are still many tourist attractions that are closed, the Breccia cliff is one of the attractions that has been reopened with the implementation of health protocols.

If you are at this location at night or at 19.00 WIB, then you will see a quiet atmosphere decorated with the beauty of the Breccia cliffs that radiate very beautifully because of the lights that illuminate the surroundings.

During this pandemic, Tebing Breksi prioritizes the implementation of health protocols very strictly. In fact, currently there are no less than 70 sinks installed in various corners of the 6.5 hectare tourist area.

Not only that, to be able to enter the Breksi Cliff area, you are also required to wear the PeduliLindungi or PPE application.

This cliff has a height of about 30 m, with decorations of various characters and reliefs of statues that are figures in the wayang world. Here, you will see reliefs of the puppet character Arjuna who killed Buto Cakil, carvings of dragons with crowns, and there is also a statue of Semar.

Previously, this cliff was used by residents as an area for natural stone mining. This Breccia cliff area is dominated by natural white color because it is formed and comes from limestone rocks.

This Breksi Cliff tourist attraction also has a performance stage spot, namely the amphitheater or also called Tlatar Seneng. This area is often used as a venue for various events as well as a place of entertainment. Countless events as well as music concerts and cultural arts performances are held in this area, for example the Mixed Arts Festival, hadroh events, percussion performances, and dance.

Every day, tourists spend the most time in this place, especially at sunrise and also at sunset. Because, the beautiful natural scenery of sunrise and sunset can be seen very clearly from this cliff, especially at the top of the cliff which you can reach by going through the stairs on the eastern part of the cliff.

Besides being very suitable for rock climbing, this place is very often used by the people of Yogyakarta as a place to take selfies, and some even use it as a background for pre-wedding photos.


There are many facilities available to meet your needs while in this tourist attraction, such as food stalls, bathrooms, and prayer rooms. The location of this tourist destination is precisely in the Sambirejo Village area, Prambanan area, Sleman area, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The location of this cliff is not less than 15 km from the hustle and bustle of downtown Gudeg Yogyakarta.


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