Cheap Holiday Festive Tourism Kampung Coklat


Writing about Blitar tourism is endless, although its name is not yet famous but it could be your recommendation when you spend your next holiday ration. One of them is the “Kampung Coklat”. C’mon, let’s review where and whatever is interesting there.

Where is Kampung Coklat?

The location of Kampung Coklat tourism is in Blitar Regency, precisely in the village of Plosorejo. For visitors who are native to Blitar this location is very easy to find. But don’t worry for you tourists outside the city of Blitar and don’t bring private vehicles so make sure you will arrive at the Patria terminal (Blitar terminal).

As for those of you who use the train, make sure to stop at Blitar station. After that, you can simply take the available public transportation or order car services online to get to the tourist sites. Approximately 20 to 30 minutes you will arrive at the location.

Cheap Entrance Tickets

Fun and inexpensive vacation then in the chocolate village of his choice. No need to bother thinking about the expensive costs you only need to prepare an entrance ticket with only Rp. 5,000 per person or around 50 cent. So if you go there with your father, mother, uncle, aunt, sister and brother, then no more than 50 thousand rupiah or around $4, you all can enter this chocolate village tour. How, really cheap?.

Many Interesting Activities While Being in Kampung Coklat

This location used to be just a rice field and garden owned by the local community, but eventually it was managed to become a better location and could open jobs for local residents. The vast location and cool room arrangement will make us feel at home there. In fact, every month there will definitely be modifications or additional rides there.

This is intended so that visitors do not get bored while visiting the chocolate village tourist location on the next day. There are many activities that you can do there including:

1. All-Chocolate Food and Beverage

The name is “Kampung Coklat” or chocolate village, so when you visit there make sure you will try a variety of preparations from chocolate. Not only in the form of cocoa powder, you can feel the sensation of eating brown fried rice, chocolate fried noodles to chocolate beverage processing. This tour is indeed very suitable for spending time with your dear family.

2. Fish Therapy

One of the places in the tourist location of the village of Brown is two ponds that are only about 1 meter deep and contain lots of small fish. Then we can sit around the pond by renting a kind of pedestal as much as you can with only 5,000 rupiah. Feel it, the sensation of the little fish huddled in our feet to eat dead skin cells in our feet. Therefore there is no harm in this fish therapy activity you can try while visiting this chocolate village is to relax while enjoying fish therapy.

3. Cooking Class

There is a special room provided by the chocolate village to facilitate visitors in creating, namely the availability of space to decorate chocolate and form various shapes of chocolate melt. In the chocolate decorating room, there is a long table with several chairs. When entering the room we will be welcomed by the officer and offered a heart-shaped chocolate with large and small sizes. To decorate a small size chocolate we have to pay 5k rupiah and for a large size chocolate we pay 10k rupiah.

After plain chocolate is in our hands then it’s time we decorate it according to taste with the colorful cream that has been provided. Well, for those of you who bring a younger sister or niece, there is no harm in bringing them to this place guaranteed they will be very happy. After finishing decorating the chocolate, the official will freeze the colorful creations on top of your chocolate for about 5 minutes and henceforth you can take it home or eat it on the spot.

4. A variety of children’s playground

Kampung Coklat is suitable for children’s play area because starting from the rowing boat area, swimming pool, balloon world to electric bicycles are all here. The parents just watch their children around the location while enjoying a variety of foods sold there.

5. Spot Photos that are Instagramable

Again, do not miss, unique and cool photo areas adorn every corner of this location. Starting from the writing of a wall of wood that is unique, then a kind of box space resembles the common telephone that we have met abroad, to paintings and displays of the history of chocolate that are lined up in the entrance hall. Guaranteed with these photos you are getting cooler.

6. Shop to your heart’s content.

Traveling and shopping are things that can not be separated by some women. It is such a coincidence. This place also provides a variety of souvenir shops from clothing to chocolate-based foods. As much as you can buy things to just comply with personal desires to the souvenirs of relatives at home. For those of you who don’t carry excess cash don’t worry, here visitors are greatly facilitated because the cash payment method has provided cash and non-cash payments.

What are you waiting for, the upcoming holiday would not hurt to make this place as a destination location. Even though Blitar is an area far from urban glitz, but here you will get peace when you travel and shop to your heart’s content.


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