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Have you planned your vacation for this weekend? Where do you want to go? Mountain, beach or not – don’t go to the mall again to the mall again. Can be answered, about how far have you explored Indonesia? Then you prefer a vacation abroad or including people who like to travel in their own country? Especially for those of you whose hobbies are traveling, Indonesia is like a carpet of rugs from the tip of Sabang to Merauke with the charm of extraordinary beauty. The richness of the underwater world, the charm of the beaches or mountain ranges are spread outside in this beloved country and you can enjoy everything from all corners of the country.

Not just enchanting with abundant natural resources, Indonesia is also very famous for its diverse culture. In fact, every region in Indonesia has its own characteristics that make this nation more colorful and glance at the world thanks to its uniqueness. How? Do you still doubt the wealth and charm of your own country? Now, as additional information below we present some lists of the best and most popular tourist attractions from Lombok, Jakarta, Pontianak cheap tourist attractions to the best Makassar tourist attractions. Anything? Come on, see the full list!

Komodo Island World Tour

komodo indonesia

The island which is included in the Komodo National Park area has even been designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Komodo Island is considered as a habitat for dragons that must be protected because it is almost at the end of its extinction.

In 2011 ago, Komodo Island also made it into the list of 7 wonders of the world or the New Seven Wonders of Nature, it’s a pity if you don’t even have the chance to visit it at all right? Not just offering the original habitat of the Komodo dragon, you can also see the beauty of the terrestrial and underwater world of Komodo Island which is very, very extraordinary.

The Best Attractions in Lombok

gili trawangan lombok
Gili Trawangan

Talking about Lombok attractions, the Gili Trio is the best review. The Gili Trio is a collection of three beautiful islands known as Lombok’s cheap tourist attractions. The three islands in question are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Not only popular with domestic tourists, this tourist attraction has also succeeded in inviting admiration from foreign tourists.

Even every day there are hundreds of international tourists who come to enjoy the charm of the Gili Trio. For those of you who don’t know, of the three islands, Gili Trawangan can be said to be the most popular. This is because of its wider size and location, which has been equipped with bars and cafes.

World Tourism Objects in Bali

bali indonesia

Is there anyone who doesn’t know Bali? Ranging from domestic tourists to foreigners often make Bali as the location of the first tourist destination to be visited. There are tons of the best attractions in Bali that make it more difficult to make choices. Yes, it can be said that almost all corners are Bali’s incredible cheap tourist attractions.

There are some Balinese charms that cannot be ignored, starting from the row of beautiful beaches, the amazing mountain atmosphere to the sacred temples that have their own charm. Bali has succeeded in becoming a flashlight of Indonesian tourism that can attract international attention thanks to its natural, cultural and cultural values that are always preserved.

Attraction Farmhouse Lembang, Bandung

It’s not complete if you go to Bandung without visiting one of these popular attractions. Farmhouse Lembang is one of the list of cheap Bandung tourist attractions that you must visit. In this place you can find several unique buildings that take inspiration from typical European buildings in the Middle Ages.

However, as the name implies the location of Lembang Farmhouse is actually a farm and milk processing center. It is appropriate to visit the Lembang Farmhouse by inviting all your family members. If you are quite confused about determining where to visit for the weekend, Farmhouse Lembang could be the best alternative.

Jogja’s Latest Tourism

borobudur temple yogyakarta indonesia

Yogya is one of the best and most deserving tourism locations for you to visit. There are so many cheap tourist attractions of Yogya, ranging from natural attractions, beaches, waterparks, good culinary, children’s playgrounds to various cool hangout places you can find in Yogya.

Even some of them are among the most recent and quite rarely visited you know. Well, as a recommendation for those of you who are still confused in determining tourist attractions during your visit to Yoga, Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark, Kalibiru Village, Kosakora Peak, Mangunan Fruit Garden and several other objects can be selected.

Latest Tourism in Bogor

Starting from nature tourism, waterfalls, delicious culinary, cozy hangouts, children and family playgrounds to various romantic attractions you can also find in this rainy city you know. Not much different from the tourist area of Bandung, Bogor’s list of cheap tourist attractions is now also a favorite among domestic tourists and international tourists. Hunting for tourist attractions in Bogor is more complete because the air is still cool, beautiful natural scenery and complete facilities and accommodations that you can enjoy. Not surprisingly, Bogor has become a tourist destination for travelers.

Hits Tourism Object in Surabaya

Cheap plus cool tourist attractions that you can enjoy in Surabaya are quite complete you know. As the capital city of East Java, Surabaya comes with several charming attractions such as mangrove nature tourism, De Mata Trick Eye Museum which is suitable for visits with children and families.

There are also submarine monuments and Surabaya zoo which are very suitable to accompany your weekend holiday. Besides being quite affordable, some of these attractions are also very educational for children. For those of you who love nature, Mount Bromo is Surabaya’s best cheap tourist spot that you shouldn’t miss.

Enchantment of Cheap Travel Jakarta

jakarta old city

There are so many of Jakarta’s best tourist locations that you deserve to visit. One that should not be missed is of course Taman Mini Indonesia Indah as a cheap tourist spot in Jakarta, which has been popular since the 90s. There is also the charm of Ancol Beach Jakarta, which is open 24 hours a day and Ocean Dream Ocean-themed ocean.

Almost all the uniqueness and excitement of this attraction is very suitable to accompany a weekend vacation with family. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the atmosphere of the metropolitan city, the people of the capital can still enjoy the calm and excitement in some of these pleasant tourist attractions.

Cirebon tourism object

Cirebon offers a number of attractions from a list of cheap tourist attractions in Cirebon and surrounding areas. No less competitive than other cities, Cirebon is also famous for the Kasepuhan palace which has been built since 1529. There are also attractions in the Kanoman Palace, the Great Mosque of Sang Cipta Rasa and many others. Furthermore, there is Taman Sari Gua Sunyaragi whose charm is no less competitive with Semarang’s list of cheap tourist attractions, are you sure you don’t want to visit it?

The Best Tourist Attraction in Makassar

One of the charms of the unique province of South Sulawesi is in Makassar. Starting from Kanipang Beach which offers tranquility, there is also Leang Pa’Aniki Waterfall which offers the freshness of paradise, hidden Apparalang Beach and many others. Not only is known as a cheap tourist destination Makassar, a variety of interesting attractions are also present with a variety of other advantages in terms of transportation, accommodation, facilities and natural panorama that is second to none.

How, have you determined the list of cheap plus cool tourist attractions that will be visited in the near future?



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