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Cost Of Living In Bali. Rent in bali is, on average, 56.78% lower than in moscow. Bali is 5.62% more expensive than moscow (without rent, see our cost of living index).

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Would you consider relocate to this city some day in the future? Planning to live and work in bali? Keep in mind, i was living there during off peak season, which affects the overall cost of living. The living cost in bali is very much impacted by which choice you make. Who does not know the market prices usually pays too much. Total monthly cost of living estimated for a single person. With a family, it's more convenient to stay in a house or villa.

Meals can be had for under a dollar and i am.

Cost of living in bali. But when i lived in bali i had to think about my visa renewal every couple of months, if i needed something in particular like computer equipment, a book, or a many others have covered the cost of living and basics. Dont really want to come here again. Whilst they are useful as a starting point, the next task is to take a closer look at these costs, what a huge variable in your bali living costs will be whether you decide to generally eat out or eat in. Cost for a family of 4 to live in bali. Would you consider relocate to this city some day in the future? So, here's my one month. This enables you to get to grips with actual prices and the cost of living in bali.

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