Explore the Various Tourist Attractions in Padang


Want to enjoy a complete tour package? No need to go far away, because of various tourist attractions in Padang, more than enough to satisfy your desire for the tourist destination you want. Both natural tourism, historical tourism, cultural tourism, culinary tourism, and other types of tourism. Here are some interesting tourist spots in Padang to visit:

Aie Manih Beach

If you have ever heard the Legend of Malin Kundang, at Aie Manih Beach or Hot Spring Beach, this is the stone manifestation of Malin Kundang, which his mother cursed.

Set in the background of Mount Padang, this beach presents a beautiful beach panorama, with waves that are not large enough. Making it fun to use for swimming, boating or releasing fatigue by fishing.

Anai Valley

Located about 60 km from downtown Padang, the most favored tourist attractions in Padang is somewhat unique. Because it has three waterfalls with locations on the edge of the Trans Sumatra road.

Among the three waterfalls, better known is Anai Valley Waterfall which is about 35 meters high. Because the place is on the edge of the road. Unlike waterfalls in general in the middle of the forest, then this tourist spot is always crowded with tourists.

Three-level Waterfall

The waterfall in the village of Cendikar is less well known, because it is rarely published. Understandably, to reach the tourist attractions this one must indeed take an extreme journey. So it is most suitable for those who love nature and adventure tourism.

Named Three-Level Waterfall, because this waterfall does have traps up to three levels. To be able to reach and enjoy the third level, it takes considerable guts. Because the road that must be taken is very slippery and steep.

Because tourists are still rarely visited, this one destination is really still natural with amazing views around.

Sitinjau Lauik

sitinjau lauik tourist attractions in padang

Located above an altitude of about 1,000 meters above sea level. Sitinjau Lauik, also popular as Padang Scenic Point. Presents a stunning natural panorama that can be enjoyed from the surrounding green hills and the blue Indian Ocean in the distance.

Because the place is high and the road is quite steep. It takes its own energy to get to this place. But once arrived at the location, fatigue will instantly disappear, so served by an amazing natural scenery.

At this tourist spot also available public bathing facilities that can be enjoyed after a tiring journey.

Pasir Jambak Beach

With a location that is about 17 km from downtown Padang. It is not difficult for anyone to be able to reach the tourist attractions in Padang that are most visited by young people.

It is not without reason if many young people visit this place. Because the scenery that is presented by Jambak Beach is truly exotic and evokes a romantic atmosphere. Especially when the sun will return to contest.

Adityawarman Museum

This is the mini park of Padang city which is also the icon of the capital of West Sumatra. Founded in 1974 the museum, which occupies an area of 2.6 hectares. Holds historic objects of various types related to the existence of the city of Padang and the Minang community.

Not only these six spots are actually interesting tourist attractions in Padang to visit. There are still other tourist attractions. Such as: Nirwana Beach, Miniature Kaaba, Siti Nurbaya Bridge, Padang Beach, and many other tourist destinations.



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