Exploring the Beauty of Jelenga Beach that Gets the 2019 ISTA Festival Award


Speaking of tourist destinations, the beach is certain and seems to be an element that is always included in it. It was also a concern of the Ministry of Tourism through the award event entitled the Indonesian Suistainable Tourism Award (ISTA) 2019 Fest. From the line of names that are crammed, the event held in Jakarta on Thursday (9/26/2019) yesterday gave awards for Jelenga Beach . ISTA Festival 2019 gave an award in the category of economic utilization for local communities for the beach located in West Sumbawa.

No less with Lombok, neighboring islands in the same Province, Sumbawa island especially West Sumbawa Regency is known for its coastal tourism. Jelenga Beach is one of the rows of beach attractions there. Then, what is the beauty that it carries?

Building Community Based Tourism Destinations

The award obtained reflects how a tourist attraction is built and developed to provide a real economic impact on the local community. The beach, which is located right in Jereweh Sub-district, West Sumbawa, NTB, is managed by the Alam Asri Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis).

One of the programs to realize this is the provision of working capital and tourism support facilities there. That way, local residents are given access to build lodging, restaurants, to various souvenir businesses.

Horseshoe White Sand

Not only relying on local citizen-based governance, Jelenga Beach also has its own uniqueness. Expanse of white sand that looks like a horseshoe also adds to its beauty. What increasingly makes visitors fall in love also lies in the grains of sand that look like pepper grains.

The Surrounding Landscape

Not stopping there, the natural landscape that stretches around the coast provide tranquility that makes visitors linger. Areas of green hills as if presenting a package of scenery for the eyes to enjoy. Just walking along the beach while listening to the sound of the waves roll enriches the beauty of Jelenga Beach.

Clear Water that Gives a Natural Impression

The natural impression of this beach lies in the water which is still relatively clear. Treat views owned by Jelenga Beach are more complete with these most important elements. From above the surface, we can see and penetrate to the bottom appearance. A typical breeze is not hesitate to make us feel satisfied to have come to this place.

Suitable With Support Facilities

Aware of its position as one of the tourist destinations, Jelenga Beach also provides supporting facilities to provide comfort for the tourists who come. Gazebo and Bungalow as lodging are some of the facilities available. Well, so as not to reduce the coolness and natural impression, the roof of the gazebo and bungalows are made of weeds.

Places to Stay for Sea Turtles

The awe that results will not stop there. Because, in addition to being a tourist attraction, Jelanga Beach is also a haven for sea turtles. The waters around the coast are used by sea turtles to lay eggs. As a place of cultivation, this beach will be where the eggs hatch into a horde of hatchlings. Before adults and released into the sea, the hatchlings will be maintained first.

A Paradise For Surfers

If you are a surfer, don’t hesitate to come to this beach. Jelengan Beach itself is indeed dubbed the “Scar Reef” by surfers because of the large waves. Not just big, the waves seemed to form a large pipe that was rolled up to reach a height of between two to three meters. No wonder foreign tourists flock to come to conquer the big waves on the beach.

Don’t Forget the Sunset

The beach is certainly synonymous with the momentum of the sunset, aka sunset. The landscape and other instruments in Jelenga Beach will certainly not let you go immediately before enjoying the dusk atmosphere at the place. After being satisfied with surfing, the reddening moment of the sky will complete all the experiences that we will get here.


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