Famous and Must-Try Indonesian Cuisine


Indonesia is indeed known as a country that has many beautiful and beautiful natural attractions to visit. However, not only that is what attracts the attention of local or foreign tourists. Where culinary tourism is also not interesting to try and certainly the flavor offered is very tasty and delicious. In addition, this special food from Indonesia is also very famous and rich in spices. Making the food menu from Indonesia very tasty to taste.

Well, what are the famous culinary Indonesian and must be tried? Here are 8 Indonesian specialties that are very well known.

1. Nasi Goreng

For the first famous Indonesian culinary, namely fried rice. Where fried rice has ever participated in the World Expo Shanghai, China precisely in 2010 and now this fried rice is one of the world’s culinary Indonesia. Not only that, for foreign tourists who want to visit Indonesia, of course it will be very easy to find this fried rice. Because all regions in Indonesia certainly have and serve the fried rice.

In addition, fried rice has now become an icon of Indonesia and has also become one of Indonesia’s legendary culinary world. Little information you need to know that fried rice is ranked second after being placed first in the position of Rendang in the list of World 50 Most Delicious Food.

2. Rendang

rendang indonesia traditional food
Rendang Indonesia

Who does not know this one culinary namely rendang. Where the flavors offered by this culinary are very tasty and appetizing for those who taste them moreover if you eat using white rice. As you know, rendang is one of the special foods from West Sumatra and is already well-known in the world for its deliciousness. This rendang is made with a delicious taste that has a spicy taste and is also mixed with coconut milk and has a processing process that is quite long. Not only that, later this rendang will also be added with spices and then cooked until cooked and the meat will soften.

Well, as you saw before that in 2011, Rendang was indeed included in the most delicious food from Indonesia and was included in the list of World’s 50 Most Delicious by occupying the first position. Rendang is indeed very well known in several countries such as in the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain and Australia.

3. Gado – Gado

gado gado indonesian must try cuisine
Gado – gado

Next is Gado-Gado which is one of the cheap culinary foods in Jakarta that you can try. Betawi specialties are foods that have a very good taste and anyone who tastes it will definitely like and be addicted. Not only that, on Jakarta’s birthday, of course, this food is always present and never left behind.

This culinary is a very simple culinary in the manufacturing process. Where this food is only equipped with vegetables, bean sprouts, cucumber, tofu and others and then doused with peanut sauce that has been mashed so that the flavors offered by these foods become very delicious when eaten.

4. Gudeg

gudeg indonesian legendary culinary
Gudeg – image via: traveloka.com

This warm Gudeg is a typical culinary of Yogyakarta which is already very well known by people throughout Indonesia so that this culinary is not only sold in stalls, but also in restaurants that already sell it. This warm warm is divided into 3 types namely warm warm, dry warm and also warm warm. In addition, cheap culinary Yogya can also be found by tourists from both foreign and domestic tourists who are visiting Australia.

This unique warm Gudeg already exists and can be found in the Clayton Road area, Melbourne, Australia. Well, if indeed you are in Australia or have lived there and miss Indonesian specialties then you can go directly to the region to taste this delicious warm.

5. Tempe

Food that is made from soybeans has become one of the favorite foods of the Indonesian people and is a well-known food in the world and was also included in a culinary festival in Jakarta in 2012. At that time, this traditional culinary was introduced directly by an expert chef named Eduard Quad. However, previously this tempe had also been introduced directly by an Indonesian named Rustono when he was in Japan.

In addition, one of the countries on the European Continent, London, is now able to taste and enjoy the cheap culinary archipelago by foreign and local tourists. So, this tempeh has indeed attracted the attention of people in various parts of the world so they want to taste it.

6. Soto Ayam

soto ayam indonesia must try food
Soto Ayam

If you hear the culinary of chicken soup certainly makes you want to eat and taste it, right? Well, cheap Bandung cuisine is indeed very appetizing, especially eaten by using warm white rice, it will certainly make you addicted if you have tasted it. But did you know, that this culinary has been widely known by many people to foreign tourists? How not, the flavors offered by Indonesian culinary certainly can attract the attention of many people, because it tastes second to none and is very tasty.

7. Chicken Satay

sate ayam indonesia must try food
Sate Ayam

Chicken satay is everywhere you can find it, because this one is one of the most sought-after culinary and liked. Well, if you have a vacation trip to Bali and want to taste culinary like this then you can find it easily. Because, cheap culinary Bali can be the right recommendation for you who are looking for good and famous food.

However, culinary chicken satay is a bit unique during the manufacturing process and this is very different from the usual satay making. So, later in the process of making this satay only need to smooth the meat and be given a few additional spices such as onions, orange leaves, lemongrass and also garlic. If the mixture is wrapped around a skewer and baked until cooked. The spicy sweet taste coupled with the aroma of lemon grass certainly makes the tasting become addictive.

8. Nasi Krawu

This Krawu rice can be said to be Surabaya’s cheap culinary that you can try or taste later when you visit Surabaya. Where this culinary has a combination of white rice and is also equipped with additional slices of beef, chili sauce, meat stews to topping coconut and it is very fitting when used as one of the breakfast menus in the morning. The taste is delicious and delicious is certainly very suitable for your tongue.

Well, that is some useful information for you about the famous Indonesian culinary and also an authentic Indonesian culinary that you can try.


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