Indonesia Coffee and Popular Tourist Destinations


What is in your mind when you hear the word Indonesia? Beautiful beaches or cultural diversity. Not only that, Indonesia has another side that you should know, namely Indonesia coffee. For coffee lovers, this might not be new, but you need to know that the coffee produced by Indonesia has reached the world market because it has superior varieties and unique flavors. Each coffee-producing region in Indonesia has a diversity of different types of coffee. For example, the coffee produced in Java will have a different aroma than coffee produced in the Papua region.

The Famous Bali

The Famous Bali

In addition to coffee, tourist attractions in Indonesia are very interesting to visit. Starting from the beautiful mountains to the white sand beaches. One of the islands that are popular and frequently visited by tourists from various parts of the world is Bali. Who does not know Bali Beach? Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit it. Kuta Beach which is located in Badung Regency is a landmark of the island of Bali and always captivates the hearts of tourists. Not infrequently the Hollywood artists make the island of Bali as their tourist destination. Bali also has a famous coffee that is Kintamani Coffee which is planted in the Kintamani Village area, Bangli Regency, Bali Province.

A Small Paradise in Lombok

Gili Nanggu Lombok

After discussing Bali it’s incomplete if it doesn’t discuss the area to the east, namely Lombok. It is an island located in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. There is Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport which serves domestic and international flights that you can use to get to Lombok. Discussing coffee, Lombok turned out to have a superior variety of Arabica coffee called Kopi Sembalun. This coffee is somewhat unique because it is usually served with a mixture of ginger. Also, tourist attractions in Lombok are very beautiful. Some of the charming beaches of Lombok such as Pink Beach and Senggigi Beach you must not miss when visiting Lombok.

Papua, The Eastern Tip Of Exotic Indonesia

Papua traditional dress

Indeed there is no end to discussing the islands in the eastern part of Indonesia. Papua, which is one of the islands located on the easternmost tip of Indonesia, has many beautiful places that you must visit. Besides Raja Ampat, which is located in West Papua Province, it turns out that the island has a very charming beach. Bosnik Beach, Bakaro Beach, Triton Bay Beach, and Venue Island Beach are some of the beaches that have extraordinary beauty. Every province in Papua already has an airport so you can visit these beaches easily.

Indonesia coffee from papua

Indonesia coffee produced from the highlands in the Jayawijaya mountain valley is proven to be one of the superior coffee in the world. Wamena coffees is planted at an altitude of 1,500 to 2,000 meters above sea level. It has an Arabica flavor. The uniqueness of this coffee is that there is no chemical contact at all during the planting process. Besides, farmers there use the semi-washed technique to process the coffee beans. Therefore, if you visit Papua, take the time to buy souvenirs from Wamena Coffee.

Various Other Fascinating Indonesian Tours

mentawai surfing

In addition to some of the places mentioned above, there are still thousands of places where you have to go to Indonesia tourism places. For those of you who like to hear the noise of water, there are Indonesia waterfalls that are in various regions. One of the most famous is Saluopa Waterfall which is located in Leboni Village, Pamona Pusalemba District, Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi Province. In detail, the location is about 12 kilometers to the west of Tentena City. This waterfall has a height of 25 meters. Water is sourced from a spring that flows from the top of the mountain and passes through mountain rocks as many as 12 levels. To be able to get to this place, you must pass through a tropical forest.

You do not need to worry because there are already available trekking paths that you can go through. Around Saluopa Waterfall, you will find many flora and fauna that inhabit the forest. Poso turned out to have a famous superior coffee. Pure coffee typical of Poso is picked and processed directly by traditional methods from the Lore area, Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi. With exceptional quality and delicious has created the right taste and aroma for coffee lovers. Make sure you don’t miss Poso Coffee from this Robusta coffee bean.

Hidden Spot

Besides, Indonesia surfing destination is also one of the targets of foreign tourists because several beaches in Indonesia have quite large waves. The 2019 World Surf League Championship held in Indonesia. One very famous surfing spot is on Nias, North Sumatra. If most Indonesians are more familiar with the tradition of Lumper Batu and unique houses originating from Nias, in contrast to foreign tourists, they are more familiar with Nias as the world’s best surfing spot. With the height of the waves reaching more than 5 meters will challenge surfers ranging from beginner to advanced levels

Then in terms of the beauty of the underwater world, Indonesia has no doubt. There are so many Indonesia diving destinations that you should try. One of them is the dive spot “The Canyon” located on Weh Island, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province. Various unique coral reefs and underwater volcanic rock structures are the main attraction at this one dive spot. In addition to its underwater beauty, Aceh also produced coffee from the Gayo highlands. The Coffee is 100% arabica and known as one of the premium quality coffees.

Indonesian Street Food That You Must Taste

Gado – gado, Indonesian street food

After discussing a lot about Indonesia coffee and its various tours, it is incomplete if it does not discuss Indonesia street food. Each province has its unique food. For example, Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia has a special food called “Egg Crust”. The Jakarta street food are made from the basic ingredients of glutinous rice and mixed with various other ingredients such as eggs, Ebi, and other spices. Unlike the typical food from other regions, like Bali. “Sate Lilit” has become a very favorite Bali street food. With a blend of minced meat and fresh coconut, will make anyone addicted when trying it.


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