Getting to know Cappadocia Ancient Region Tour in Turkey

Getting to know Cappadocia Ancient Region Tour in Turkey

Recently, we have been singing to Cappadocia, a place that Kinan dreams of in the series Layangan Putus. Interestingly, Cappadocia is an ancient tourist spot in Turkey that is included in a UNESCO World Heritage Site and currently various historical sites and beautiful scenery are stored here.

This region is located in south-central Turkey or southeast of Ankara. And is in the highlands north of the Taurus Mountains. Quoted from the go turkiye tourist site, Cappadocia’s unique geology makes this area called the fairy chimney.

Beneath the surface of the fairy chimney is a city known as the underground city. The underground city became a settlement because of a network of tunnels that were connected to each other. The underground city became a haven for Christians from the Romans with 200 churches each with a great history.

Cappadocia also has an open-air museum called Goreme, where there are several famous religious complexes that were listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

This museum is also the first museum in Turkey. And at the same time it becomes the first concern for visitors who want to come to this place. The architecture of the building is unique with beautiful sculptures and wall paintings.

Cappadocia itself comes from the Persian word “Katoatuka” which means beautiful horse. Because at that time, the horse was a gift or tribute presented to the kings of Assyria and Ancient Persia.

Cappadocia itself is famous for its stretch of soft volcanic rock formed by volcanic erosion millions of years ago. The rocks formed into a variety of unique shapes such as towers, cones, valleys and caves. Even the rock has a height of 45 m, masya Allah the beauty of Allah’s creation.

What’s even more interesting with the uniqueness that is presented is the expanse of hot air balloons that make the beauty of Cappadocia complete. The sky of Cappadocia looks very beautiful and beautiful with hot air balloons flying in the sky.

Hot air balloons become an icon that should not be left behind for every visitor. To be climbed and become a mandatory thing to do when visiting Cappadocia. So it is not surprising that Cappadocia is one of the world-class tours in Turkey.


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