Getting to know Ondel-Ondel


Often times we see a giant doll when visiting Jakarta or watching television shows depicting Jakarta. But do you know about the giant doll known as the ondel-ondel?

Yes, that’s right, you must be familiar with this big doll. Who doesn’t know ondel-ondel? This particular Betawi culture is often shown in important events. This doll has also become an icon of the city of Jakarta that cannot be forgotten.

Betawi Typical Performance

Ondel-ondel is a typical Betawi performance which is often performed at large events or parties. Ondel ondel itself has been around since the 1600s. We can’t just forget the history of ondel ondel.

According to history, the origin of this ondel has several versions. But never far from a doll that repels reinforcements or spiritual disturbances. This big doll is considered capable of protecting people in an area.

According to another history that developed outside Jakarta, ondel ondel is a pair of spirit actors who have been removed from the reog ballet from Ponorogo. This figure is considered to interfere with Singo Barong’s journey, which is eventually cursed to become a crow and a peacock with a large size.

Of course there are still several other origins found in various regions in Indonesia. Based on another developing history, there is a mention that ondel ondel is a spirit and a processor for reinforcements. No doubt this doll is depicted with a scary face.

Dolls made with this large size, up to 2.5 meters high with a diameter of about 80 cm. Ondel-ondel are made of woven bamboo that is carefully crafted so that someone can carry and carry them from it.

History of Ondel Ondel

Initially, ondel-ondel was given the name Barongan, which comes from the word together. This is based on activities carried out jointly among its citizens. Until finally the name was replaced with ondel ondel.

Since the 1960s, the Jakarta city government has finally slightly revamped the appearance of ondel-ondel so that it doesn’t look scary. And so that it can function as public entertainment.

As we know, on the streets or on television shows that show the beauty of the city of Jakarta. Ondel-ondel now appears with a friendlier face with his colorful clothes. Which of course will make the people who see it feel the joy.

Although it has undergone a little overhaul, there is one thing that has not changed from ondel-ondel, namely the color of its face. This pair of ondel-ondel has a different face color. The male ondel-ondel has a red face, while the female ondel-ondel has a white face.

How, interesting is not our discussion this time? Even though we don’t really like seeing ondel ondel or even feel afraid when we see it, we can’t just forget the history of ondel-ondel which we will eventually pass on to our children and grandchildren. Hopefully the information is useful.



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