How Can You Plan Your Kerala Trip?


Kerala got identified as being created by God himself. As far as the topography goes, Kerala lies in between the Arabian Sea and Western Banks. It does not just offer lush greenery, historical traditions and art, coffee, and cardamom gardens. But, Kerala Also comes with lip-smacking food alongside Ayurveda, therapy centers. In Kerala, you will find the flora and fauna that you can’t find elsewhere.

If you go to Kerala once, you can’t avoid going to Kumarakom, Kasaragod, Alleppey, and Kuttanad.

You will see that Kerala has more than 25 Indian parks and wildlife origins.

Keralian wildlife, coffee, cardamom, and tea plantation come with a delicious recipe and unique taste. In addition, Kerala comes with places like Thekkady, Munnar, and Wayanad that have coffee, spice, and tea plants.

There are reasons for you to go to Kerala on your next vacation. If you plan it with your spouse, Kerala seems perfect for a lovely stroll. You can see the mesmerizing sunset and enjoy sports.

If you want to go on an adventure, you would not get bored in Kerala.

Enjoy bamboo rowing, biking, wildlife tour, jeep drives, mountaineering, and boating in Kerala. For more info, keep scrolling.

Things offered by the Kerala trip package

If you like to have therapy, Kerala is the land of Ayurvedic clinics that mixes healthy life with exercises and yoga. Kerala has the privilege of medical supplies in excess. Kathakali seems to be one of the oldest forms of drama-dance traditions in Kerala. You can watch some Kathakali performance that portrays Hindu mythology. Kerala has snake boat races organized each year. Villagers in Kerala come alive with their snake boat, which features a distinct shape and style.

Kerala trip package comes with sea beaches that are free of pollution and crowds. You can climb the edge and enjoy a panoramic scene.

Things you can taste in Kerala

Idiyappam is perhaps the most well-liked delicious menu served by the lasses in Kerala. This Keralian dish comes with a mix of rice, water, salt, and flour. It intertwines the components to create a lip-smacking taste. Thought you’d like it with non-veg or egg curry. You can have other side dishes with Idiyappam.

If you want to taste premium, go for Ela Sadya which gets served during religious festivals. You can have it with Kachadi, olan, sambar, varavu, and hot rice. Parippu curry seems like a unique dish served in the place. It comes with ghee and a small gram with a few chilies.

When do the foreigners go to Kerala?

If you planned Kerala for your next vacation, consider going there in the month of winter. If you want to check the lagoons, delicious spices, and dams in Kerala, winter is the time for your trip. In particular, you can visit Kerala between November to February. With the decrease in the level of humidity, you would like to spend time out in the greenery. Christmas celebrations get the land adorned with lights, bobbles, and stars. If you want to go to the hills, you can’t avoid going in the months of winter. It is the best time for factory visits and enjoying wildlife tours.

How can Indians or foreigners pay a visit to Kerala?

If you want to visit Kerala from Kolkata, think of boarding the train. It allows you to get a stunning view of the Western Bank and coastline along the journey. The best thing is that the Indian Railway network is incredible. The state flaunts a connection to over 200 railway tracks. If you have a premium choice, you can board the train from Golden Chariot or Maharaja express.

Kerala is a coastal state and you can visit the place via a Cruise. The fact is that the coastal line remains connected with the islands at Lakshadweep. You can board the cruise from Cochin Port.

What to pay a visit in Kerala

If you are someone that enjoys houseboat stays, you can’t avoid going Alleppey. It needs you to stay for at least 3 days. If you want to visit a rural land, Kuttanad in Kerala is ideal for your tour. Palakkad seems like a picture-perfect postcard that comes with tea farms. You can visit it between November to March. Malappuram comes with prehistoric temples, mosques, and monuments. If you want to visit a gorgeous beach, you can come to Poovar island which houses some of the most classy resorts on the land. The mist-covered hilltops at Ponmudi look enchanting.


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