Indonesia and Malaysia Become the top Destinations for Muslim Travelers

Indonesia And Malaysia Become The Top Destinations For Muslim Travelers

Southeast Asia has once again emerged as the top destination for Muslim travelers in the latest edition of the Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI), with Indonesia and Malaysia sharing the top spot among 145 destinations in the 2024 survey. Singapore continues to lead among destinations outside the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), showcasing its commitment to catering to Muslim travelers with Halal food, prayer facilities, and Muslim-friendly amenities.


The Muslim travel market is expected to see significant growth this year, with global arrivals potentially surpassing pre-pandemic levels by 5 percent. This growth is fueled by demographic shifts, economic expansion, cultural and Halal tourism development, and technological advancements that enhance personalized travel experiences for Muslim travelers.

Indonesia and Malaysia maintain their position as leading OIC destinations for Muslim travelers, excelling in entry ease and tourism infrastructure. Thailand remains in the top five non-OIC destinations by promoting Halal tourism initiatives. The Philippines has significantly improved its appeal to Muslim tourists through strategic Halal tourism development efforts.

The GMTI report, now in its ninth year, evaluates destinations based on Access, Communication, Environment, and Services (ACES) criteria. This year, new metrics focusing on facilities for travelers with disabilities were introduced. Stakeholders in the travel sector are encouraged to leverage insights from the GMTI 2024 report to capitalize on the growing Muslim travel market.

Mastercard and CrescentRating’s collaboration underscores the importance of understanding and serving Muslim travelers, with a focus on enhancing travel experiences and facilitating secure cross-border payments using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence.


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