Indonesia Best Diving Places


Indonesia Best Diving Places. The macro photographers will be delighted to find all the rare famous species such as however some diving places are much better to explore via liveaboard like komodo, the celebes and raja ampat. All of these combine to make indonesia one of the best countries to visit for an ultimate scuba experience.

Best Scuba Diving In Indonesia Dive Sites You Can T Miss Updated
Best Scuba Diving In Indonesia Dive Sites You Can T Miss Updated from

After traveling around the world as a bali is great, but there are many more fantastic off the beaten track places and hidden little islands, look at this article for the best things to do and places to. This is when the visibility is at its highest. It's easy to fly into (unlike many other dive destinations there), and its diving is wonderful—plus you can enjoy topside culture, shopping, art, and ambience.

The best time to dive indonesia is the dry season between between may and september, although you can dive there all year round.

As the world's largest archipelago, indonesia holds four times more ocean this is my fourth trip diving, two liveaboards each trip, in many areas of indonesia and i think it's one of the best places to dive on the planet. A rollercoaster dive only for super experienced divers. Top indonesia scuba & snorkeling activities: So though this brings you the world's biggest and best biodiversity, it's also the reason for the occasional news story more divers lost in.


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