Indonesia Culture Clothes that You Need to Know


What do you know about Indonesia’s culture clothes? For your information, the culture clothes of Indonesia are clothes that represent the identity of Indonesia. As you all know, there are many regions in Indonesia and each of those regions has their culture clothes. That is why, for those tourists who come to Indonesia, they will likely experience Indonesia culture shock. Most of you probably have already known that the culture clothes of Indonesia which are widely known are batik and kebaya. This is due to Java has become the center of Indonesia, thus their traditional clothes are used as national costumes.

About Batik

For those who are not familiar, batik is a kind of cloth that is made using a wax-resist dyeing technique manually and traditionally to form elaborate patterns. In the past, batik clothes were used by the Javanese women as kemben or torso wrap. Not only as kemben, but batik clothes were also used to wrap their hips in multiple folds which are called wiron. Meanwhile, for the top, the Javanese women used to wear kebaya.

As for men, batik clothes were used as sarong which is the edge of batik cloth that is sewn together to make a tubular cloth. Men also wore batik cloth to wrap around their hips as kain which is similar to women. In today’s life, batik clothes are sewn together to make shirts. Usually, men wear batik shirts during formal occasions such as meetings, weddings, traditional ceremonies, gatherings, and many more. To complement their outfit, men usually wear songkok or peci to make it more formal.

About Kebaya

For your information, kebaya is the Indonesia culture clothes for women in Indonesia. Usually, Javanese and Balinese women are the ones who wear kebayaKebaya is made from either silk, cotton, nylon, or polyester along with brocade or embroidery. To complement kebaya, women are also wearing a sarongbatik kain panjangikat, or songket. Just like batikkebaya usually worn during formal occasions such as weddings, national events, and also traditional ceremonies.

Regional Costumes

As we have stated before, Indonesia has many regions and each of the regions has its national costumes. Each of the ethnic groups in Indonesia has its unique clothes that represent their region. Usually, people called these clothes as baju adat or pakaian adat. Just like other traditional clothes, these Indonesia culture clothes are worn when attending formal occasions such as traditional ceremonies, weddings, and even ritual ceremonies.


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