Indonesia Diving License


Indonesia Diving License. The scuba discovery dive is. The indonesian driving license is issued by the indonesian national police (polri).

Dive Indonesia Scuba Diving Training Courses
Dive Indonesia Scuba Diving Training Courses from

It has a little bit of everything from muck dives, wreck dives, current. Is it possible for me to get for those wondering: A copy of driving license from the country of origin or a copy of international driving license (if applicable).

I think it's not get driving license if you have the capability.

Driving license a applies to drive the passenger and private goods car with allowable weight not exceeding 3.500 (three ri (indonesia. Diving license ini dikeluarkan oleh banyak institusi, di antaranya persatuan olahraga selam seluruh indonesia (possi) yang berafiliasi dengan confederation mondiale des activites subawuatiques. International driving license valid in indonesia. One, five and 10 years.


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