Indonesia Food Safety Regulation


Indonesia Food Safety Regulation. 28 of 2004 on however, food safety offense such as food adulteration is still easily found in almost every area in indonesia and causing serious illnesses and. We are a sharing community.

Indonesia Amends Revised Regulation
Indonesia Amends Revised Regulation from

Food regulation 20165 (the regulation)—prescribes details in relation to licensable food businesses, display of licence details by mobile premises, isolation of contaminants in food production (safety) act 20006—regulates the production of primary produce for which a food safety scheme applies, as. Food safety management regulations based upon the hazard analysis critical control point haccp principle currently exist at the federal level for meat & poultry products, fruit juices, and fishery products. Food safety and standards (transaction of business at its meetings) regulation, 2010.

In addition to the food law, some foods are subject to additional regulation.

Exports of these items from indonesia shall be accompanied by a certificate or document showing that the item complies with the regulatory. While the international regulatory bodies listed above provide guidance, certification, and auditing services for global food manufacturers, they are not responsible for the active enforcement of food safety laws. Provides recommendations for food safety regulations. Fda has finalized seven major rules to implement fsma, recognizing that ensuring the safety of the food supply is a shared responsibility among many different points in the global supply.


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