Indonesia Food Waste


Indonesia Food Waste. Towards a more sustainable food system, found that only saudi arabia is worse than indonesia in food waste. Indonesia is still in baby steps mode when it comes to taking care of the environment, bachtiar says, and the issue of food waste has not been discussed and addressed much. since 2017, her garda.

Indonesia Second Largest Food Waster
Indonesia Second Largest Food Waster from

Di indonesia sendiri kasus food loss sudah banyak terjadi, salah satunya yang terjadi di banyuwangi dimana para petani buah. Terjemahan dari food waste di bahasa indonesia. Wasting food has become an epidemic of the 21st century.

Data from the food and agriculture show that wasted food and food waste have now.

Contoh penggunaan food waste dalam sebuah kalimat dan terjemahannya. The un's food and agriculture organization says we throw out 30 percent of the food we produce. From the second largest city in indonesia, that has been an emerging. Reached an alarming stage 1.


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