Indonesia History And Culture

Indonesia History And Culture

Indonesia History And Culture. History, heritage, culture offers a concise, engaging introduction to the historical, political and cultural dynamics of indonesia, the world's fourth most populous nation and home to the world's largest and most diverse muslim population. Its prehistory and early historical records remains of homo erectus (originally called pithecanthropus, or java man) indicate that the ancestors of humans already inhabited the island of java roughly 1.7 million years ago, when much of the western archipelago was still linked by land bridges.

Indonesia History And Culture
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It varies from traditional to contemporary. The rich architectural and cultural legacy that remains from that time forms the basis for indonesia's national identity. In the precolonial history of indonesia indigenous kingdoms were influenced by the arrival of hinduism, buddhism, and islam.

In the 7th century, indonesia fell under the influence of the srivijaya kingdom, bringing hinduism and buddhism to the islands for the first time.

When discovering asia, don't overlook an amazing indonesian adventure. Ancient times indonesia did not exist as yet during the palaeocene period (70 million years bc), the eocene period (30 million years bc), the oligacene period (25 million years bc) and the miocene period (12 million years bc). Later migrants known as malays came from southern china and indochina at around 3000 bc. It varies from traditional to contemporary.

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