Indonesia Mountain Bromo


Indonesia Mountain Bromo. It beckons majestically despite having the whole leading blown off and with a crater inside that keeps gushing off white sulfurous smoke. Gunung bromo), is an active volcano and part of the tengger mountains, in east java, indonesia.

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Our advanced weather models allow us to provide distinct weather forecasts for several elevations of mount bromo. Mount bromo is currently one of the go to tourist attraction that is visited by not just indonesian but also people from abroad. With its top blown off, it appears more crater than mountain, while putrid sulphurous gas and smoke billow out from within.

Bromo mountain description as we all know, indonesia is packed with so many natural tourist destinations such as mountains, beaches, lakes, forests, and many more.

At 2,329 meters (7,641 feet) it is not the highest peak of the massif, but the most famous. One of the reasons it has become such a popular site for visitors is that mount bromo doesn't exist in isolation. Its name is bromo and it is an active volcano: Likely because of the tourist infrastructure in place.


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