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Reog Ponorogo, East Java Typical Traditional Arts

What do you imagine when you hear the word Ponorogo? Most people will probably immediately imagine Ponorogo reog. This small town in the province...

A little story of BJ Habibie During His life

Who doesn't know Mr. Habibie? The man who had served as the 3rd president of Indoneisa, replaced the government of President Soeharto. Previously BJ...

4 Types of Unique and Exotic Sundanese Traditional Houses

Indonesia has a wide variety of cultures that vary from Sabang to Merauke. All cultures have different characters. Sundanese culture has an interesting exotic...

Legong Dance, an Enchanting Artistic Dance Movement

Legong dance from the Balinese word "leg" means a dance movement that is flexible, supple, and graceful. Then, the word "gong" takes from the...

Getting to Know Indonesian Culture: Serampang Dua Belas Dance

Indonesia is known as a country consisting of various tribes with various cultures, arts, and customs. One of the oldest arts known by various...

Get to know the Betawi Traditional House

Talking about the Betawi traditional house, some people must be familiar with it. Especially for those who often watch the Si Doel series. This...

Mask dance, Cirebon art which is increasingly rare

The mask dance is a traditional Cirebon dance. This dance has a main characteristic, namely the dancer wears a mask when dancing. On each...

Kecak Dance, a Piece of the Story of the Ramayana Story

Kecak dance is a type of dance from Bali. This dance is performed by many shirtless male dancers who form a circular pattern while...