Indonesia Vs Philippines Diving


Indonesia Vs Philippines Diving. Should i visit indonesia or the philippines? Think big schools of fish, beautiful walls, canyons and caves, and fascinating macro life.

Philippines Vs Indonesia Dive Magazine
Philippines Vs Indonesia Dive Magazine from

Diving in the philippines is possible all year round. The top picks for scuba diving philippines: Diving in the philippines will treat you to incredible sights and experiences like swimming with thresher sharks in cebu, exploring world war ii shipwrecks in palawan, and discovering a unesco world heritage site in puerto princesa.

Divers with a penchant for the weird and small should remember their macro lenses because with mantis shrimp, pygmy seahorses, and nudis aplenty.

Manuel quezon was elected president and was tasked with preparing the country. Diving in philippines has loads of great underwater experiences to offer any diver, but it's important to choose the dive spot for the right season. In asia you often dive in far away places, where an accident might mean a journey of several hours if not days before you reach help. Thanks to its corals, fauna and flora, or wreck diving, the variety the philippines has to offer is endless.


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