Indonesia Weird Food


Indonesia Weird Food. A traditional malay food made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt, cooked in a hollowed many type of satay has developed throughout indonesia. Many tourists come here for the superb weather and there are also tourists who come here for the food.

9 Extreme Food From Indonesia That Challenge Your Appetite
9 Extreme Food From Indonesia That Challenge Your Appetite from

Disgusting, gross or just simply different to what you know? Some cultures eat spicy food, while others keep it bland and simple. I travel a lot in asian neighboring countries like hong kong, singapore, macau, malaysia, indonesia, thailand and china.

Skyscanner lists the top 10 weird foods in asia.

But there are weird food in india that people eat which will leave you surprised because these bizarre dishes are far from the regular types of indian cuisine which people have grown to love. Asia is considered as a world food heaven with diverse and although bats are also often eaten by many asian countries, they see the black bat in indonesian. Nerdygaga june 20, 2010 no comments. The weirdest food in indonesia.


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