Is Bali Culture the Same as Hindu Culture?


How many Bali culture that you are familiar with? Well, Bali and its culture are two inseparable entities. Thousands of people come to the island not only for its landscape but also for its cultures. The cultures can quite explain why coming to Bali is addictive.

Where is Bali?

Nobody doesn’t know Bali. However, to be exact, Bali is located between Java and Lombok island. It spreads out for almost 6.000 kilometer2. There are two main accesses to reach this island: by plane or by ferry. Air transportation obviously gives more convenient at a higher price than the ferry.

Bali and Hinduism

It is common knowledge that the majority of Bali people are Hindu. Do not get an Indonesia culture shock when you are in Bali. You will meet and see so many offerings wherever you go on the island: malls, markets, tourist destinations, houses, hotels, and all other places.

Due to the high number of Hindu people in Bali, no wonder the cultures there are also influenced by the religion. That is why some people often refer to Bali culture as Hindu culture. The offerings mentioned above is an example of how much the culture been influenced.

Another bold example of Hinduism in the culture lies in pura. It is the sacred temples where the Balinese pray to their God. All the temples in Bali, in wherever regions, built facing the Mount Agung.

The majority of Bali traditional festivals are religious Hindu festivals. Nyepi, Galungan, and Saraswati are some unique festivals that become a magnet for both domestic and international tourists. Those holy days let the tourists experience an unforgettable moment during their Bali visit.

Bali and Dance

How can you separate Bali from dances? There is no way to it. Bali culture is highly defined by it. Dances in Bali act as an offering to God. It explains why in some religious events, dances have always been presented.

Magnificent costumes, exotic music, and outstanding movements can always entertain those who watch it. Almost all those dances’ performance in Bali are based on Ramayana and Mahabharata tales. The dancers are telling stories through body language. Watching Bali dances is a must thing to do when you are on the island.

There is no beauty limit to Bali. Its breathtaking natural view has never failed to spoil your day. Furthermore, its rich Bali culture has always successful in mesmerizing anybody coming to the island.


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