Kalibiru, Blue River Between Raja Ampat’s Flakes


What will happen if we hear the name: Raja Ampat? Yes, speaking of Raja Ampat it would be very difficult not to include coral reefs and beautiful beaches. However, among the clusters and pieces of paradise that fall to one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia, there is one more spot that is increasingly adding to the privileges of Raja Ampat. In one corner, we will find one river that is no less uniquely. Yes, Kalibiru is a name embedded in the river. As the name implies, the river water is blue, you know!

Local Residents Also Call It ‘Warabiae’

The Kalibiru River seems to emit a blue color with bright underwater lighting. If you pay more attention, the color emitted is actually turkis blue. Local residents also call it the name Warabiae, which has almost the same meaning as the water conditions in Kalibiru. The name itself has a meaning: clear blue river.

Hiding in a Hidden Place

The color of water that is served by Kalibiru Raja Ampat itself is still classified as natural. Bright turkis blue appears without the intervention of artificial color, this technology or the influence of the results of the processing of factory waste.

It does not stop there, the blue river located in Kampung Warsambin, West Papua is in the middle of the inland forest that is still awake. That’s what makes its beauty more distinctive.

Clear to Penetrate Base

Clear blue glow will penetrate until we can see the bottom of the river. Stimulation of sunlight that penetrates the water gap as if to provide additional lighting that makes amazed.

For your information, Kalibiru itself was only opened to the public in 2016. However, who would have thought that this amazing turkish blue river would quickly become one of the favorite destinations of tourists in just two years.

Complete with fresh impressions and sensations

Just looking at the water, we might immediately be tempted to quickly jump into the water and swim around. Not just relying on its clear blue color, Kalibiru is increasingly complete with a fresh impression when enjoyed by the eyes and a fresh sensation when perceived sense.

Because it is so beautiful, local residents hope for the Kalibiru river cycle to stay awake. Clean and stay natural. This is certainly not only the duty of local residents, but tourists who come to taste one of the fragments of the paradise in Raja Ampat, West Papua.

Become a weekend vacation coveted

Kalibiru will usually be busy receiving visits on weekends or during the holiday season. In fact, the journey to visit it cannot also be said to be easy. We need to cross land and sea routes to find rivers that hide in hidden places behind the interior of the forest.

For accessibility, the trip will begin by using a speedboat from Waisai. More or less we will need an hour for arriving at the dock. Not over, we must continue the journey using a small fishing boat for 15 minutes, before finally having to walk through the forest for about 10 minutes.

Exhausted Immediately Paid

The journey is quite long it will obviously drain energy. Nevertheless the struggle will soon be paid off when Kalibiru is in sight. Foreign tourists also often equate this blue river with Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan. Not to mention, we will feel the fresh sensation of the clear blue water. Cool, right?

Location: Kalibiru River
Nearest Airport: Marinda Airport



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