Maliran Deer Tourism in Blitar


Blitar is one of the regions in the province of East Java. Behind that blitar is also famous for the figure of the first president of RI until blitar is called the land of Bung Karno, but still, many people may be unfamiliar with this city. However, tourism in Blitar is equally interesting as tours in other cities. One of them is the Maliran Deer breeding tour that you must visit to spend the next vacation.

Admission tickets are quite cheap with complete facilities. For adult visitors you must pay IDR 10k per person and for children under 5 years there is no charge. And parking fees are approximately IDR 2000 for motorbikes and IDR 5000 for cars.

Things to do Visitors at the Blitar Maliran Deer Tourism Site :

1. Outbound

It is highly recommended for those of you who spend vacation time with family and relatives who bring small children to visit the Maliran Deer breeding tour in Blitar. Spacious place is very possible for us to do any activity including outbound intended for children. Many outbound areas that have been provided by the tour manager. Certainly guaranteed, your sister or niece will feel at home for long in this place.

2. Picnic with family

Spacious place and surrounded by many shady trees make the atmosphere more comfortable. You don’t need to be afraid of the heat of the sun because this place is very cool. If you visit there then it is advisable to bring your own supplies like a picnic. In addition to saving on lunch costs can also be used for a casual picnic with family. Although actually there also provides a place to eat or small food stalls that sell drinks and light snacks. But maybe the menu offered doesn’t suit your tongue.

3. Feed the Deer

Well, one of the activities that can not be separated when visiting the Deer Breeding in Blitar is to feed deer. Nearly dozens of deer are in this place, from the size of a large deer to young deer tillers. They are free to walk in a wide area of captivity. So that visitors can freely feed the deer to the deer. For food, deer are usually given food in the form of kale and long beans, the end of which can be bought near the entrance to captivity. Cheap enough that we can get a bunch of water spinach or beans at a price of 2000 rupiah.

4. Photo Hunting

In addition to a large breeding location, the tour manager has also provided photo spots which of course are instagramable for us to just indulge in selfie hobbies to feed collections on personal Instagram. A beautiful and natural place also makes our photos look cool. Wow, interesting right?

5. Enjoy the cool air

If you visit with your mother or even your grandparents, you don’t need to worry. There are already plenty of seats available right placed under a large shady tree. You also don’t need to worry if you need to go to the toilet because the facilities available are also complete from the toilet, stall to the mosque. The parking lot is also very wide and not far from the location of captivity. What are you waiting for? hurry up and go on vacation to the reindeer breeding in Blitar.

The Maliran Deer rearing tourist location is indeed suitable for all ages, from children to adults or parents.



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