Money Making Apk

Money Making Apk

Money-making applications are currently being sought after by users on the internet. This activity is carried out by users to earn additional income.

Advances in technology in the world make everything change. Only with smartphones, users can make money through money-making applications that are proven to pay.

Some applications have different activities, for example, some only read news, watch ads, invite friends via referral links, and others.

In this article, we will provide a list of the fastest money making apps that you should try.


Who doesn’t know TikTok? In addition to presenting short video content, TikTok can also be used as a cash field.

The only method is to invite friends to join the TikTok application. Users will earn points, which can then be withdrawn through the fund application.

If the user manages to invite friends, then they are entitled to get up to Rp. 20 thousand.

TikTok itself has a total of 1 billion downloads on the PlayStore with a rating of 4.3.

Snack Videos

Similar to TikTok, Snack Video is also a short video sharing platform. To attract more users, Snack Video provides monetary rewards.

How to earn money from Snack Video is very easy, users only need to watch short videos and complete several missions.

In addition to watching, Snack Video also provides a referral link that allows users to be paid when they successfully invite someone to install this application.

The proceeds from Snack Video can also be disbursed via ShopeePay. Here’s how to withdraw Snack Video cash balance to ShopeePay.


Helo is an integrated application for users in Indonesia. This app allows users to earn money.

The Helo application provides various kinds of content such as videos and articles. Users who complete missions will be paid through accumulated points.

In addition, there is also a referral code that users can use to invite friends and then earn extra money.

Users can now download the VTube 3.0 application via the Google PlayStore.


The next money-making application is BacaPlus, a platform that provides articles from the media in Indonesia.

How to get money from this application, users only read the articles provided while completing the missions given.

In addition to getting benefits in the form of money, users also get updated news information.

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