Must-try North Sumatra Special Foods

Must-try North Sumatra Special Foods

Indonesia has a series of culinary delicacies from various regions, ranging from spicy, sweet, salty, and savory foods. Indonesia is the culinary champion of food all in it. In North Sumatra itself has special foods that must be tried if you visit North Sumatra. Rich in herbs and spices that are strong in the typical food of North Sumatra ranging from savory salty spicy food to try. So right away, this is North Sumatra’s special food that must be tried if you are in North Sumatra.

1. Arsik

Arsik is one of North Sumatra’s special foods, especially the most popular Batak people that must be tried. This food is rich in typical spices. The basic ingredient of making this arsenic is fish. Batak people usually use carp as the basic ingredients of their fish. This Arsik is known as yellow spice cooking because the spices used are the same as the curry spice but there are different types of spices used among them are andaliman.

Yes, Andaliman itself is a spice that must be owned by the Batak community in cooking this arsik. Not only andaliman, there are still a lot of spices used in the making of this arsenic. How to cook arsik is quite unique. To cook fish arsik it takes hours to produce a delicious and savory taste. Cooked for hours until the water from the seasoning dries and the fish absorbs the water from the seasoning.

2. Lappet

Lappet is a traditional Batak cake food, this food is a must to try if visiting North Sumatra. Nowadays, lappets are rarely found, because there are not many people currently trading lappets in every region. But remote areas might possibly still sell lappets as economic needs in the area. Usually lappets are occupied every morning around 7-10 o’clock in the afternoon.

This lappet is made from rice flour, coconut, and brown sugar as the main ingredients. This traditional cake has a chewy texture and if bitten in the middle will feel grated coconut mixed with brown sugar which feels a pleasant sensation to try if coupled with drinking tea, and warm coffee.

3. Mie Gomak

In North Sumatra has a typical noodle to try, yes, Mie gomak. The noodles, which are usually called spaghetti of the Batak people, are indeed still unfamiliar to the ears of people outside northern Sumatra. Many Sumatran people, especially the indigenous Batak people, make businesses looking for fortune by selling gomak noodles.

Gomak noodles can be found in the morning because it is known to be suitable as a breakfast in the morning. Gomak noodles use coconut milk yellow sauce mixed with some vegetables that are mandatory to try because it tastes delicious and delicious when tried for breakfast in the morning.

4. Kue Ombus – Ombus

This food is a must to try if you are in North Sumatra. The cake with its legit and savory blend is very delicious to eat especially as a breakfast with warm tea and coffee. This cake is a very traditional cake that is very popular in North Sumatra and is suitable if you are in North Sumatra.

5. Pohul – Pohul

One of the traditional foods that is suitable to try because it will be found in every rural area of North Sumatra, the serving of the pohul cake itself is served by hand in hand by the seller. This cake will often be found on the occasion of a traditional Batak party.

6. Dengke Na Niura

Dengke Na Niura is a typical food of the Batak people, in the form of goldfish without being cooked or boiled which is given a special flavor of Batak which is then allowed to soften. This Batak special food is the traditional food of the Batak people which will be there every time on the occasion of every Batak agenda, there will be this traditional food.

Those are some typical foods of the Batak people who are obliged to be tried if you visit North Sumatra.


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