New Zealand Tourist Attractions Not to be Missed

New Zealand Tourist Attractions Not to be Missed

If asked to mention the specialties of the country of New Zealand, many people will definitely mention the tourist attractions. Yep, New Zealand’s tourist attractions are important objects that must be discussed when talking about the country with the nickname of Long White Cloud country.

The country, whose position is in the southeastern part of Australia, has a lot of tourist attractions that are too beautiful. Starting from parks, mountains, lakes, everything can be found and is a recommended place to visit.

Everyone certainly does not doubt the beauty of the rows of tourist attractions in this country. So don’t be surprised if you feel confused about which destination to visit. For that, here are some recommendations for tourist attractions that should not be missed.

Hobbiton Village

New Zealand Tourist Attractions Not to be Missed

Who likes watching Hobbit movies? The film, which is famous for the setting of this charming place, was apparently done in the village of Hobbiton. But who would have thought that it turned out to be a 5 hectare yard belonging to a rich family in Hobbit Village.

The uniqueness of this tourist spot will bring you to enjoy the sensation of a vacation like in a fairy tale. The expanse of the garden with rows of colorful flowers also adds to the beauty of this one place.

There are approximately 41 hobbit houses, each of which can be an instagrammable photo spot. This place is perfect to visit with family.

Pukaki Lake

Feeling tired with all the daily activities, Pukaki Lake will be the most relaxing place you can visit. This New Zealand tourist spot offers the beauty of the lake with such a beautiful atmosphere.

Uniquely, this place has milky blue water. This is because Pukaki Lake is a glacier lake that is very rarely found in this country. Like buying one get one free, from this tourist spot you can also enjoy the beauty of Mount Cook.

Indeed, this tourist spot is close to Mount Cook, especially when it snows. You can create unforgettable memories through this place.


Where else can you enjoy the beauty of lakes and mountains in one place? If you visit New Zealand’s tourist attractions, it won’t be complete if you haven’t seen the natural scenery of Queenstown.

The cool breeze, the blue expanse of the lake, bring a healing sensation that is so refreshing. You will certainly feel at home for a long time in this place, especially the culinary tour of the city of Queenstown is ready to welcome you.

Tourists can spend time paragliding, skiing, snowboarding, and also cycling. In addition there are also other interesting activities that can be done such as photo hunting, hiking, visiting historic settlements, and much more.

Fiordland National Park

Another tourist spot in New Zealand that offers beautiful natural scenery, namely Fiordland National Park. As a natural tourist spot, the destinations offered are so complete.

Fiordland is famous for its bustling visitors, both from local and foreign tourists. In this place you can enjoy a row of typical culinary at affordable prices.

You can also try to dive into the bay in which there are many beautiful marine ecosystems. Or just enjoy every corner of Fiordland by boat. In fact, if you start to get bored, you can find peace with fishing activities.

Bay of Islands

Bay of Island is one of New Zealand’s tourist attractions that has an educational element. Here you can explore the early history of this country’s civilization to find out the number of tribes scattered.

The specialty of this beach compared to other beaches is the white sand. Not only that, you can see small hills of white sand and rows of towering trees.

Thus, it is not surprising that the scenery on this beach looks so beautiful and very cool. You can also play some rides such as sailing, surfing, and snorkeling.

Whakarewarewa The Living Maori Village

As the name implies, this tourist spot not only presents the beauty of the beach, but also can taste the diversity of Maori culture. The Maori people have quite unique habits that are often the subject of visits by tourists.

One of its uniqueness can be seen in the unusual way of cooking food. They take advantage of hot mud pools or boiling steam from the area around the coast. Indeed, the Maori island is in a hot crater area so this is not surprising to happen.

You can also sail through the beauty of the island using a specially provided boat. Indeed, the entrance fee at this tourist spot is a little high, but the blue beaches and culinary riches are very tempting.

Taupo Bungy Jumping

If you like altitude tourism, then Taupo Bungy Jumping is highly recommended. You could say this one tourist spot really tests your adrenaline because you will bounce freely from a height of 47 meters. Just imagine.

But make no mistake, when you are above a height, you can enjoy the beautiful blue water of the lake, even feel the sensation directly. Uniquely, every visitor who can complete the Bungy Jumping challenge will be recognized by getting a certificate.

Skyline Rotorua

One of the most interesting things about the New Zealand Skyline Rotorua tourist spot is the presence of several complementary rides. One of the most popular is the gondola ride.

You will be invited to explore the beauty of the Skyline from behind the festive gondola available. There is no need to be afraid about the level of security because there are special officers who help operate it.

Besides the gondola, you can also enjoy rides such as Mini Diggers and Luge. Most importantly, don’t forget to capture every moment in the interesting photo spots that have been provided.

Lake Tekapo

Visiting this lake you will be enchanted by the beauty of the collaboration of the mountains and the blue of the lake. Not only that, the colorful flower beds are also the reason many tourists choose Lake Tekapo as a vacation spot.

If you want to get a more amazing view, it is highly recommended to visit during winter. Because, the towering mountains around this lake will appear to be covered in snow.

Then in summer various kinds of flowers will bloom welcoming you. Usually, female visitors will enjoy this moment like a princess in a fairy tale.

The Tranz Alpine Train

Every now and then on vacation by enjoying the city view can be the best calming choice. You can ride the Trans Alpine Train and explore all the beauty of every corner of New Zealand with the naked eye.

You will be taken through the Midland route, seeing the rows of buildings, cities, and ancient histories that exist in this country. So if you have visited New Zealand, make sure not to miss this one tourist destination.

Spending a holiday in another country can be an unforgettable experience for a lifetime, especially if you choose New Zealand tourist attractions as your destination. In various New Zealand tourist attractions, you can create unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime moments.


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