Not Only Raja Ampat, These Are Other Papua Beach You Should visit!

Not Only Raja Ampat, These Are Other Papua Beach You Should visit!

Visiting Papua is incomplete if you don’t stop by the Papua Beach. This province is located in the easternmost part of Indonesia tourism destination has a stunning beach.

White sand and beaches in Papua are very charming. Besides being clean, the beach is attractive to tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Here are a series of beaches in Papua, which are a pity to pass when you go there.

Yen Beba Beach

yen beba beach

This beach is not far from downtown Manokwari, West Papua. This beach is called the most beautiful beach in Manokwari.

Yen Beba Beach has a stretch of fine white sand and fresh air. From this beach, Mansinam Island is also seen as a religious tourism destination. On this island, there is a statue of Jesus which was completed in 2014.

Bosnik Beach

bosnik beach

This Papua Beach is called the most beautiful beach in East Biak, Papua. This white sandy beach is the favorite of residents and is a hidden paradise in Papua.

Bosnik Beach, also called Segara Indah Beach, is located in Woniki Village. Besides white sand, this beach is also clear water. Located about 15 km from Biak City, the beach can be reached by motorcycle taxi.

Venue Island Beach

Located south of the Buruway District, this beach has clean, soft, and very natural sand. The coral reefs are very beautiful and become a special attraction for those who like to dive.

This beach is a place for star fruit and maleo turtles to lay eggs, as well as several other endemic animals, as well as migratory animals such as pelicans from Australia. This beach about 5 hours from Kaimana.

Triton Bay Beach

papua beach

This beach is located in Kaimana, West Papua. This beach is called no less beautiful and charming than Raja Ampat because the trees flourish there.

Triton Bay Beach is an impressive dive site. Beautiful coral reefs, colorful. From the Port of Kaimana, the beach can be reached for an hour away by motorboat.

Bakaro Beach

bakaro beach

In addition to local tourists, this beach also visited by foreign tourists. Tourists can also swim and fish.

They can also watch the summoning of fish from the high seas to the seashore by using chopsticks. Usually, this ritual are carry out in the morning and evening when the tide.

The beautiful Papua Beach are not only Raja Ampat. You have to explore other beaches if you are on vacation there.



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