Recommended Cool Tourist Places in Banyuwangi Indonesia

Recommended Cool Tourist Places in Banyuwangi Indonesia

The holiday area in Banyuwangi has no doubt. The panorama gives an impression that is hard to forget. The city, dubbed the sunrise of Java, has a world-class panorama. With only two natural phenomena in the world that make there are some cool tourist attractions in Banyuwangi.

Located at the tip of the island of Java and close to Bali, it’s no wonder Banyuwangi also has a culture like Bali. Then having a cultural element that is thick with custom, this city which has the nickname The Sunrise of Java can be ascertained to have a myriad of privileges.

The privilege of such a thing is reflected in the story of the archipelago around the origin of the legendary Banyuwangi. In addition to the primacy of historical points, Banyuwangi also has a variety of holiday potentials that are not inferior to other provinces. Starting from shopping holidays, cooking holidays, and nature holidays.

For a nature vacation, you don’t need to hesitate to visit it. The reason is, the city of Banyuwangi offers a variety of beauty from every place you visit. Here are Cool Tourist Places in Banyuwangi.

3 Cool Tourist Places in Banyuwangi

Mount Ijen

Recommended Cool Tourist Places in Banyuwangi Indonesia

The first excursion in Banyuwangi that we recommend is Mount Ijen. With a height of 2386 meters above sea level, the charm of the sunrise in this area is enchanting. Another thing that should not be allowed, you are the reason for the blue fire that occurs due to the concentrated oxygen mixed with the sulfur crater.

To get to the location, you have to walk for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. From basecamp, there are many stalls available. Because you use it to feel a cup of coffee or instant noodle soup. In this basecamp, many have rented out masks and tents.

Masks are a must that should not be missed. After, the smell of sulfur is very strong. During the trip you will meet some sulfur miners. Give them a special way first because of the heavy load they have to carry.

The area pays attention to the blue fire, you can go up and watch the beauty of the sunrise. Try to come in December or May. Where, the panorama of the sun looks more impressive. In post 3, you will also find a warung which is the best place to enjoy a glass of warm tea after the sunrise.

Baluran National Park

This cool tourist area in Banyuwangi, East Java, is on the border with Situbondo Regency. The entry ticket price starts from Rp. 16.000, -. There are many interesting things that you can get here. Starting from the Japanese Cave, it has an area of ​​​​about 12 meters.

If, this cave functioned as this area to store ammunition for war. Here you can also see peacocks roaming around. Next time to watch them get married, come October to November. Suppose, evergreen forest, where the name refers to its condition like a tunnel.

There are many wild animals that you can meet here. Next, if you want to pay attention to the Africa of Java, there is nothing wrong with visiting the Bekol Savanna. There are many areas of wild animals that you can find, including the Javan banteng whose existence is almost extinct. There is another interesting Bama beach because you can watch the boats passing by.
It is recommended, you must be careful because there are many badung monkeys ready to target food. Or you can also watch a herd of leopards. There is also a spring that is said to never run out.

Songgon Pine Forest

This cool tourist spot in Banyuwangi is located in Sumberagung, in Sumberbulu Village, Songgon District, Banyuwangi Regency. This area offers the beauty of the Pine Forest which is located at the foot of Mount Raung. Energy belongs to Perhutani with an area of ​​97 hectares. Meanwhile, 7 hectares are applied for tourism land.

The entry ticket price starts from 5 thousand rupiah. Here, you will be presented with a variety of rides. Meanwhile, paint ball, jeep tours, horse safari, rafting, flying fox with rates starting from 20 thousand rupiahs


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