Requirements of Student Visa Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan is an oil and gas-rich nation located on the western shores of the Caspian Sea. It borders Iran, Georgia, Russia and Armenia and Russia; it is home to the number of 8.3 million in accordance with the CIA World Factbook.

Azerbaijan is generally a welcoming place for international students and this visa procedure reflects this. It’s pretty straightforward and simple. Students are issued an indefinite residency permit with your study permit. The visa for Azerbaijan is valid throughout the course of study.

How to Get Azerbaijani visa

To obtain a visa Azerbaijan and a permit, you’ll need to visit the nearest Azeri consulate, embassy or visa center. An Azerbaijan visa requirement is the following:

  • Two passport photos
  • Certificate of medical necessity (showing that you’re healthy and fit) along with medical and health insurance
  • Your passport as well as a photocopy from the pages of ID
  • Completed visa application form
  • A notarized tenancy contract
  • A copy of the landlord’s application for Baku’s State Migration Service in Baku
  • A photocopy of your landlord’s ID that proves that they are an Azeri citizen

It’s not as difficult as it seems. Your school can assist you to locate a rental and help you put the Azerbaijani-language paperwork in place. Applying for an  Azerbaijan e-visa is fast and straightforward.

Eligible citizens are required to complete a simple online application form with personal and passport information, select the purpose of their visit, answer a few simple health and security-related questions, and pay the e-Visa fee. Your school will serve as your sponsor while Azerbaijan examines an application for a visa.

Azerbaijan e Visa Cost

If you intend to apply for an Azerbaijan visa you need to pay. There are two processing times for visa Azerbaijan fees. The first is the standard time process, and the second one is an expedited processing period. If you choose regular processing times, it’ll take between one and three business days to receive your visa.

If you are in need of urgent processing time your visa will be issued within 3 to 5 business hours. Be sure to select the appropriate time to make the payment. Remember that the payment process can take place only during business hours. This is the reason it is highly recommended that you get more details on the visa application process payment system, visa application and Azerbaijan e-visa costs.

Azerbaijan Visa Policy

Azerbaijan is among the economies that are growing the fastest around the globe. Tourism has a huge economic value and aids in the development and total growth of the country. Numerous travelers come to Azerbaijan each year. The country is a favorite destination of many tourists. For visitors to visit Azerbaijan tourists must be granted an entry visa.

The country has an Azerbaijan visa policy that obliges visitors to get an entry visa through embassies and consulates. It has been simplified by the government. You can now apply for a visa Azerbaijan by completing this procedure. For an electronic visa, people have to submit the necessary documents, like an original passport as well as a digital duplicate.

Azerbaijan Visa Fee

The process of applying online is very relaxing and applicants are required to pay at the end of their application. The cost of a visa Azerbaijan is reasonable and the portal for application is extremely secure when making payment. There are two options to apply for the e-Visa to Azerbaijan and the charges are based on the two methods. These options are listed below.

  • The standard visa process is cost-effective for all applicants. If you’ve got enough time, like between one and three business days, to apply for an approval for a visa, you may choose this method of getting the Azerbaijan online visa.
  • Application for a visa urgently If you make an expedited visa request, people will receive their visas in 3 to 5 hours. Even though the Azerbaijan visa cost is slightly more expensive than the normal visa application, it’s 100% compatible if you’re trying to get your visa in a hurry.


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