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Entering the digital era or what is familiarly called the era of millennials, social media seems to be an inseparable part in carrying out daily activities.

Why is that? Try to pay attention, almost everyone is now busy with what’s called Instagram, YouTube, or other social media. For example, Instagram is now used not only to store photos/video images to capture moments, but has also become a medium of information, promotion or advertising.

Promotional media or advertising via Instagram is indeed very effective for content creators, service or product owners because apart from attracting people to see it can also increase the rate of their services.

However, to make a promotion is not easy, it needs discipline in it and an interesting product as well. Then how are the references to see the content or promotions that we have made on Instagram.

One reference to seeing a promotion on Instagram is to see how many people comment on each post, feed or even video. Many comments will affect positive feedback on the form of promotions and works

Introducing Mediakomen is one of the pioneers of social media advertising that provides the best service for content and promotion with comments. Where this platform brings together advertisers and commentators.

Commentators or people who are also known as money hunters provide positive comments on every advertiser’s post.


Advertisers are those who want to introduce products or personal branding for positive comments and of course the target is to get an Engagement Rate (ER) without having to ask for “alms” from the closest people.


Commentators are those who want to get a certain amount of wages or payments for each comment given. The value offered by is also quite interesting where every comment on Instagram or YouTube will be valued at Rp. 1.000.000,-

Another value that you can get as a commentator for 1 comment + rating on GMaps is Rp. 1,500,000, – and a positive review on the playstore is Rp. 2.000.000,-

Services Offered

Various internet users and android mobile devices have exceeded hundreds of millions, social media and applications are now so powerful to create market opportunities. It is natural that then various brands are competing to improve the image of their content with the existing Engagement Rate (ER).

Responding to this need, has prepared some of the best platforms, namely social media and applications, including:


As we all know, YouTube is now the best alternative for creating personal content, promotions, and finding information. the number of users also experienced a very significant increase from time to time.

Those who have positive comments on youtube will certainly be the main recommendations on the search page. On the other hand, those who receive less positive comments will be left automatically.

For best and trusted results, make sure to use a youtube commentary service that is not run by robots.


In addition to YouTube, Instagram is the current favorite social media where we can find many things. One of the characteristics of a trusted Instagram is that it has a blue tick in its name label.

It’s not enough, it’s only natural that positive comments are also a consideration for users’ trust.

Google Maps Review

For those who have local businesses such as places to eat, shops, or the like, they must pay attention to this one application. Don’t let the negative business place data review and stay silent, there will be no progress.

It is very likely that any place of business, users are looking for recommendations based on review locations obtained from existing reviews.

Playstore Apps

Various applications can now be easily found on smartphones in the Playstore. Business actors who are still pioneering may not have an application trust rating according to expectations.

The easiest way to answer that doubt is, of course, by looking at the existing reviews. A good app rating gets 5 stars, if it’s less than 3 and gets all negative comments, it’s likely that the app won’t download anymore.


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