Take a Peek Into the Unique City of Solitaire in Namibia


The term Solitaire may be more familiar as a game on a PC or gadget. But this term also describes the name of a small settlement in Khomas, central Namibia.

Solitaire City is located at the junction of the C14 (connecting Walvis Bay and Bethanie) and C24 (connecting Rehoboth and Sossusvlei) roads. Both are major tourist routes through the Namib-Naukluft National Park for Safari World Tours.

The town is far from any other village, so it’s the only place to buy fuel right between the dunes of Sossusvlei and the beach at Walvis Bay, 340 km away. Therefore, Solitaire is a frequent stop for tourists.

As well as gas stations, the city also has repair shops with limited stock of tires, a post office, bakeries and general dealers. There is a camp and a motel nearby that can be used for overnight stays. The area was purchased by a transmigrant named Willem Christoffel van Coller in 1948 with a total area of ​​33,000 hectares of land from the South West Administration (the government of Namibia at that time) to raise Karakul sheep.

Having to be away from his beloved wife, Willem then named the place Solitaire. Solitaire is defined as a card game played alone, which also refers to the patient attitude shown by Willem while away from his wife.

Willem then built 2 small rooms in the cottage close to the crossroads – along with the ranch. The following year, he added a small shop and gas station in the area. The shop also acts as the county post office where weekly pass bags are delivered. Finally, in 1851, a small chapel was also built at Solitaire.

This city is very busy during the holiday season, because there are many tourists who come here.


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