The Amazing Beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok

The Amazing Beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok

Beaches are natural attractions in great demand by people from all walks of life. Moreover, the beaches in the area of ​​Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Kuta Beach Lombok targets tourists, both local and foreign tourists from abroad.

Even though Kuta beach is unique to Bali, this Kuta beach is very different. Even a sense of amazement at its beauty can amaze you. The beach is located in Kuta Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok. It will not be difficult to find this beach.

Location of Kuta Beach Lombok

You can use public to private transportation to find this area because the area is quite close to the center of Mataram City. It only takes about 90 to 100 minutes to reach it.

The expanse of clean and white sand with its wavy shoreline gives rise to its characteristics from Kuta Lombok beach. Not to mention the presence of healthy, quality coral reefs there. Brings a sense of wonder in the tourists who come to visit.

Talking about nature tourism, Indonesia is indeed one of the richest countries. Especially when talking about beaches, it is clear that there are only beautiful and beautiful beaches in Indonesia. A cool atmosphere that can add a sense of comfort and calm when you are around him.

The Story Behind the Beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok

There is a hill named Mandalika from about 7.2 kilometers of this coastline. A historic ancient hill. The name Mandalika is taken from a local folk tale about a princess in the past named Mandalika. It is said that the story of the princess was forced to jump into the sea.

Because he did not want to be married to a prince and chose to run away, now Mandalika hill is the most appropriate choice if you want to enjoy the beauty of Kuta Lombok beach from a high area. The entire beach area is very wide, with a stretch of sand and seawater.

Conditions That Are Still Beautiful

Plus the trees that grow around it. Looks more amazing and makes you calm. Clusters of healthy coral reefs will also be visible from this area. For those of you who want to visit this beach, it is recommended to buy a tour package to be cheaper, but you can enjoy the tour comfortably.

When you later come to Kuta beach Lombok, it is clear that you will pass a village called Sade, which is the location of the population for the Sasak Tribe, a native of the island of Lombok. You can stop by and buy their traditional woven fabric. This cloth is one of the peculiarities of the Lombok area.

Activities to Do

You can make it a gift for the family at home or even a keepsake that can be stored for a long time. These fabrics come in various sizes, from the smallest to the widest, and you can use them as blankets. You can also watch the manufacturing process and document it if you are curious.

On the beach of Kuta Lombok, you can also do snorkeling activities to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. You can also hire a guide to accompany you when diving and direct you to be safe in the sea.

If you are brave, it would be great to try a surfing game in this area. The seawater is quite calm, guaranteed to make you have fun all day without fear. In the afternoon, the sunset will look very beautiful, and you should not miss it when visiting this one beach.


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