The Beauty of Embe Beach

The Beauty of Embe Beach

The beaches in Indonesia have an extraordinary charm. So that it attracts a lot of attention from both domestic and foreign people. One of the beaches that also has extraordinary charm is Embe Beach.

The name Indonesia is already famous for its natural beauty. Starting from the mountains, forests, sea, and also the beach. Seeing this great potential, the Indonesian government continues to empower so that these natural resources can be put to good use.

One form of empowering Indonesia’s natural wealth is to make it a tourist spot. One object that is often used as a tourist spot is Embe Beach.

Embe Beach which is popular in Lampung

Merak Belantung Beach is one of the beaches in Indonesia that attracts a lot of attention. Merak Belantung Beach is known as Embe Beach. The name was originally an abbreviation of Merak Belantung (Embe). However, over time this beach is also often referred to as M Beach.

This beach is located in Lampung, Indonesia. Embe Beach has managed to attract the attention of many people because the water is very clear and the waves are calm. In addition, this beach also has a stretch of white sand that is ready to pamper the visitors.

Location and Route to Embe Beach

Seeing a beach with clear water complete with a charming stretch of white sand has certainly become the desire of many people. You can use Merak Belantung Beach as a vacation reference because of the beauty of the beaches.

Embe Beach is located in Merak Belantung Village, Kalianda District, South Lampung Regency, Bandar Lampung. Embe Beach is also a very famous beach in Lampung and is never empty of visitors.

If you want to plan your vacation to the beach, you don’t need to bother thinking about the route. Because the location of the beach can be reached very easily. You can pass the Sumatran highway with a travel time of about 1 hour.

If you are from Kalianda City and want to visit this beach, you only need about 20 minutes because the distance is quite close, which is about 12 Km. Well, if you are from Bakauheni Port, you need to cover a distance of about 39 Km.

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Price of Admission

For those of you who like to vacation or just play on the beach, of course you need to try to visit Merak Belantung beach. This beach is also very suitable for all people because the price of the entrance ticket is quite affordable. To be able to enter this beach you only need to pay 25 thousand. In addition, if you bring a car, the cost of parking one car is only around 10 thousand.

Facilities You Can Use

One of the things that must be known before taking a vacation is the facilities provided by the tourist destination.

Well, if you are interested in visiting Embe Beach, you can enjoy many facilities that are ready to make your vacation even more fun. Like beaches in general, this beach provides a gazebo that can be rented for around 20 thousand. In addition, you can also use the rinse room after swimming.

For those of you who are Muslims, you can still carry out worship in a calm and comfortable way because the beach manager has provided a prayer room. Well, if you’re hungry, you don’t need to bother because there are many food courts with a variety of foods. And at an affordable price of course.

In addition to the facilities above, you can also rent several other items. For example, you can rent tires for 20 thousand or mats for 20 thousand. If you are interested in walking around the beach without being tired, you can rent an ATV for 40 thousand rupiah for 15 minutes. You can also make your vacation even more fun by renting a banana boat for 350 thousand for 10 minutes (maximum 6 people).

Embe Beach Opening Hours

Before planning a vacation to one of the famous beaches in Lampung, of course you have to know when this beach is open. Don’t let when you arrive at the location, the beach has not been opened to the public.

Although this beach can be visited by the public, Embe Beach has operating hours. Embe Beach opens at 8 am and closes at 4 pm. Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy the sunrise here due to limited opening hours. However, you can enjoy the beach with a variety of facilities that have been provided.

For those of you who want to visit this beach, you should adjust your vacation schedule to the beach’s operating hours, so that later you won’t be disappointed.

Activities You Can Do At Embe Beach

Deciding to take a vacation or visit this beach is certainly the best decision. There are many things you can do while you are at this beach. Starting from swimming, playing white sand, to the games provided.


Everyone’s main goal when going to the beach is of course swimming and playing in the water. Now on this beach you can swim and play water with family, friends, friends, or even the closest people. The water on this beach is very clear so it won’t make you itchy. The waves on this beach are also calm so it is quite safe for children.

Enjoy the beauty of the underwater

The Indonesian sea is already famous for its very charming underwater charm. Likewise with Merak Belantung beach where this beach also has a very charming underwater beauty. You can see fish and marine plants clearly because it is supported by very clear sea water.

Playing white sand

Playing white sand beaches is certainly an agenda that you should not miss when visiting this beach. In addition to having a charming underwater beauty, this beach also has white sand beaches that you can use to play.

Especially if you come to this beach with children. It will definitely be a fun activity for them.

Playing banana boat

In addition to the activities mentioned above, you can also have fun playing banana boat. The beach manager provides banana boat rentals that can make your vacation more exciting. To rent a banana boat you need to spend 350 thousand and it can be used for 6 people.

Enjoy the sunset

Your vacation time at Merak Belantung beach will be very memorable if you close it by watching the sunset. On this beach you can really enjoy the sunset and capture the moment as a keepsake.

How? Interested in visiting and enjoying a vacation at Embe Beach after reading the information above? Let’s schedule your vacation to visit local tourist attractions. Because there are many beautiful spots that you can enjoy in the country.


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