The Enchanting Beach of Balekambang South Malang


Malang, one of the cities in Indonesia which has many very popular tourist objects. When you hear the name of this city, you may think of Mount Bromo, Colorful Village, Museum of Transportation, and so on. But what is often forgotten is Balekambang Beach in South Malang.

This beach has long been known to be a destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Balekambang, this beach in Malang Regency has been famous in the ears of tourists in Indonesia. The beauty of its white sand and blue water, plus a temple that stands firmly on a coral island can attract anyone to repeatedly visit this seaside.

Balekambang Beach is located in Sumber Jambe Hamlet, Srigonco Village, Bantur District, Malang Regency, East Java Province, located approximately 60 kilometers south of Malang City. Access leading to the waterfront is quite sufficient with soft asphalt roads.

The ocean that looks charming blue, the waves, and the distinctive panoramic view of the seaside immediately welcomes you when you are close to the Balekambang seafront. You could say that the atmosphere near the waterfront is quite calm with the cleanliness of the waterfront that is well maintained.

The island around Balekambang Beach

When the eye looks at Balekambang Beach South Malang, there are some islands that have distinctive characteristics. Balekambang seaside, such as Wisanggeni Island, Anoman Island, and Ismoyo Island. Each island is connected by a bridge.

Big waves that roar as far as the shore of the sea are a characteristic characteristic of this waterfront. This matter is normal because this seaside directly faces the Indonesian Ocean. Therefore, when visiting this seaside, you are not recommended to swim.

However, if you always want to swim, tourists can head to the basin near Wisanggeni Island which is like a lagoon. The water is calm and clean, making this place quite fun to use for swimming.
Meanwhile, at the western and eastern ends of this sea shore, there are many mangrove plants that thrive in the river flow. Uniquely, the river which is located to the east of the water cannot flow directly into the sea because it is blocked by the seaside sand, and this phenomenon is usually called as sandbar.

Facilities at Balekambang Beach

Balekambang Beach Malang Selatan is a beach that is echoed by the Malang Regency government as a tourist attraction, so the facilities provided by the sea are quite complete. On the waterfront, there are many stalls selling food and souvenirs.

There, you can get many choices of typical Balekambang souvenirs such as clothes, bags, or snacks. One that is quite complete in providing typical souvenirs from Balekambang and its surroundings is the Tri Garuda Shop. This shop sells various kinds of souvenirs created by UMKM in Malang Regency.

Prices for Balekambang Beach Facilities

If you want to stay overnight, on this beach in Balekambang South Malang, there are also some inns that you can use as a place to stay. Not only that, other facilities such as a children’s playground, flying fox, and toilets have also been available by the sea.

To enjoy all these facilities, tourists will be charged an entrance ticket of IDR 10,000 per person. If you bring a motorbike, you will be charged a bonus fee of IDR 5,000, on the other hand, you will pay an additional IDR 10,000 for a car.


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