The Most gorgeous Indonesia Diving Destination


Looking for some mesmerized Indonesia tourism destination or Indonesia diving destination, here are some of most gorgeous diving destination in Indonesia:

Raja Ampat

indonesia diving destination

The first Indonesia diving destination that you should definitely visit is Raja Ampat.  It is the most popular dive site in Indonesia. It is located in the northwest tip of Papua. To get there you should take a flight from Jakarta or Makasar to Sorong, Papua. From Sorong you could continue your journey by Ferry or you could take a flight to Raja Ampat thorugh Marinda airport in Wasai, Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat has the most biodiversity water in Indonesia. Raja Ampat offers 75% the exotic and beautiful coral species in the world. Furthermore, it is a home for a thousand species of fish, mollusk, plants and birds. The water is so blue, clear and crystal like. You could see the bottom of the sea clearly here. Hence, this site is well-known for diving, scuba diving and snorkeling activity.

Bunaken Island

indonesia diving destination

The next top Indonesia diving destination that you must try is Bunaken Island. It is one of most popular diving destinations in Indonesia. It is located in the north tip of Sulawesi. The first thing that you need to do to reach there is you have to go to Manado. From Mando you could get on a boat about 50 minutes long to get to Bunaken Island. It is one of most favorite site for diving because the water is so clear and transparent. It also has a magnificent biodiversity such as many kinds of corals, several species of sea turtles, hundreds of fish species and reefs sharks, and the almost vanished dugong could be seen here. Bunaken is also well-known for its wall diving.

Wakatobi Islands

indonesia diving destination

The last but not least Indonesia diving destination that you should certainly visit is Wakatobi Island. It is one of world-class diving destinations in Indonesia. To reach Wakatobi Island, you need to fly to Makasar and from Makasar you should take a flight to Matahora airport in Wangi-Wangi Island. After that, you could reach Wakatobi Island by ferry or rent a private boat. Wakatobi Island offers a rich reefs barriers, corals, and fishes. This Island is protected by government, so it is full with healthy and lively marines’ lives. This island also offers a great diving experience for you guys who like to dive. By diving there, it will contribute to support the Wakatobi’s local community and for the marine park.

All in all, Indonesia is well known for its diving destination. Therefore, above list is some of Indonesia diving destination that you should visit when holidaying in Indonesia. They are: Raja Ampat, Wakatobi, and Bunaken Islands.


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