Tor Tor Dance, Typical Dance of North Sumatra


North Sumatra is an area known for being closely related to Batak culture. You can also find a typical North Sumatra dance called the tor tor dance. This dance is a unique dance characterized by a group of people who dance or it is also called manortor in the Batak language. Accompanied by a traditional musical instrument called the gondang sabangunan.

This dance is synonymous with a joyful atmosphere and monotonous waving. This dance can be performed both in joy and sorrow. In ancient times the tor tor dance was only found in the Samosir community area. However, now it has become widespread, one of which is after the entry of Christianity.

Types of Tor Tor Dance

Because this dance is a type of dance that can be performed during joys and sorrows, so there are several types of tor tor dance that can be used

Tor Tor Sipitu Cup

This dance is also known as the seven cup dance which is used during the coronation process of the king. Sipitu Cawan or Seven Cups Dance is a dance that tells about 7 daughters from heaven who came down to earth to bathe in Mount Pusuk Buhit. Well, that’s when Piso Sipitu Sasarung came.

Tor Tor Pangurason

This dance is also known as the cleaning dance which is performed during large parties. However, before holding a big party, the place must be cleaned first using kaffir lime. This is done so that at the party there are no unwanted things happening.

Tor Tor Panaluan

Is a dance that is used as a means of ritual culture. This dance is usually performed in one area when disaster strikes. This dance is usually performed by shamans to seek clues on how to solve a disaster.

Tor Tor Dance Movement

Actually if you look again, the basic movements of the tor tor dance only consist of four main movements, namely:

  • Pangurdot movement, this movement is a type of movement that is carried out from the feet, then the heels to the shoulders.
  • Pangeal movements, namely movements made from the waist, back to shoulders
  • The Pandegal movement, this movement is a movement of the hands, palms and fingers.
  • Siangkupna movement, is a type of movement that aims to move the neck.

The property or equipment used when performing this dance is the ulos cloth or traditional Batak cloth. Dancers also use headgear or often referred to as headbands and add other accessories, for example, a bun which has a gold color.

The use of this accessory aims to show the elegance and beauty of the dancers. Tor dancers also often use kemben and on the outside it is covered with an outer vest like a vest.


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