Tourist Attractions in Makassar


Makassar is one of the big cities in Indonesia that has extraordinary natural beauty, although not too many people explore this big city. Are you curious about what are the tourist attractions in Makassar? Let’s look at the following information.

Kanipang Beach, Pinrang

Well, the first tourist spot in Makassar is Kanipang Beach, Pinrang. This beach will be very suitable for you who really want to get a calm, and prosperous atmosphere. The atmosphere of the beach is very serene and soothing to the soul of the beholder. This beach is not a choppy beach type. The beach is calm, but there is still a gentle breeze under the shady coconut trees, coupled with the atmosphere of the sunset, of course it will be difficult to find a place as beautiful as this.

Location: Kanipang Beach

Leang Pa’niki Waterfall

Leang Pa’niki Waterfall – image via:

The second tourist attractions in Makassar is leang pa’niki waterfall. This waterfall is often referred to as heaven water. This is because this waterfall has incomparable beauty. The running water is also very fresh and cool. It is suitable if you take a shower and stand under the splash of the waterfall. However, you must be careful if you are at the bottom because the water discharge will fall large enough, the current is quite fast.

Location: Leang Pa’niki Waterfall

Apparalang Beach, Bulukumba

Apparalang Beach – image via:

Furthermore, the beautiful beach which is a cheap tourist attractions in Makasaar is the Apparalang Beach of Bulukumba, where the beach is located around strong cliffs and has a very stunning sea color. Well, here also you can find many beautiful photo spots that you can make as a background for your photos. panorama of the cliff is very beautiful and the sea is very wide and charming making anyone who sees it difficult not to be enshrined.

For those of you who are really interested in coming to this place, you can come to Bantobahari, in the area of Bulukumba, South Sulawesi.

Location: Apparalang Beach

Tama’lulua Jeneponto Waterfall

Tama’lulua Jeneponto Waterfall

The next tourist attractions in Makassar is the Tama’lulua Jeneponto waterfall, where this waterfall is one of the waterfalls that hits in South Sulawesi. The large water discharge and the height of the waterfall above the average also make this waterfall special. Another factor that can persuade tourists to come to this place is the natural feel that is still very natural. Shady trees make your trip more enjoyable. Well, for those of you who are curious, you can come to the Bantomanai region, Tumbia, in South Sulawesi.

Location: Tama’lulua Jeneponto Waterfall

That’s some information about cheap tourist attractions Makassar, may be useful for you and can be your reference for a vacation. Hopefully useful and good luck!


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